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Posted by OnlineBankRuptCyclass on May 12th, 2014

Few years ago, the Congress of the United States overhauled the US Federal bankruptcy laws in the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005. One significant provision that was written into the new procedures for filing for bankruptcy is about the requirement that all debtors must attend bankruptcy classes. The debtor is the person who is facing dire financial and is therefore going through the chapter relating to bankruptcy filing. If you are among such person, then you need to know that the law mandates that the debtor must take two different types of classes, viz; pre-filing counseling and pre-discharge education course during the course of the proceeding.

Nowadays, there are few reliable and approved institutions on the internet that can help you fulfill these mandatory requirements, by providing you Online Credit Counseling Course and Online Credit Counseling Certificate on completion.

During the first of the set of mandated Credit Counseling Course Online, the debtor gains comprehensive information and counseling from approved professionals before declaring for brokeness. The purpose of the pre-filing Credit Counseling Course Online is to help the debtor gain a full understanding of the process of a new bankrupt filing, to understand the consequences that it leads to with regard to their credit score and long-term ramifications, and to investigate available alternatives to the drastic decision to file.

After the debtor goes through the classes for pre-filing counseling, these agencies will issue a Credit Counseling Online Certificate of completion. The person filing for bankrucpty must have this Credit Counseling Certificate Online in order to proceed to the next step of filing for bankruptcy. The second of the required classes that a debtor must take is the pre-discharge education class. A bankruptcy is not considered complete, and the debts are not eliminated, until it is discharged by the court. And under the new laws, it will not be discharged until the debtor shows proof that they have completed both the pre-filing and the pre-discharge classes.

As mentioned, there are few many online organizations, however; unfortunately there are few programs out there that are mostly interested in getting your money. Be sure that you work with a government approved non-profit agency. If you are looking for any approved by the Department of Justice U.S. Trustee Program that offer the needed credit counseling and debtor education Bankruptcy Classeson the internet, then you need to know about myonlinebankruptcyclass.com. It is one institute that is approved by the Executive Office of the United States Trustee, providing online bankruptcy classes and award a Certificate of Completion on successful completing of these courses. Completing these two bankruptcy classes online at myonlinebankruptcyclass.com is not only convenient but also affordable.

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