How do you obtain your mount in The Elder Scrolls Online?

Posted by 4esogold on May 12th, 2014

How do you obtain your mount in The Elder Scrolls Online? Well, through a ton of pain and suffering or, alternatively, a crisp $20 bill. Buy TESO Gold The choice is yours as we discuss mount options which range from just a single copper and a wave of the hand to your entire life’s fortune for what amounts to an alternate stamina bar.

Horses - The Stamina Solution

You’ll find when you’re sprinting that you often run out of stamina and in the process, are unable to attack without resting when you reach your destination. Horses on the hand start off with a very minor speed increase (just 15%) before you level them up, however, they have their own stamina bar. This means that as you sprint around, you’re not using your own stamina. If you get dismounted or have to fight, you will have a full stamina bar ready to go.

This is really important and the primary use of a horse early on, before you get their speed to 30% or more, where they’re actually faster than just walking around.

Imperial Horse

If you have the Imperial Edition, starting at the very start of the game after Coldharbor, you simply find a stable, pay 1 gold piece, and you have the Imperial Horse which will let you travel 15% faster and has 10 stamina. This doesn’t seem like a lot, but you can feed them to improve them.

It has the same stats as the common horse.

Common Horses

If you’re not an Imperial Edition holder, you’ll need to save 17,200 Gold to purchase the lowest tier horse. At 42,700 gold you can purchase a specialty horse:

Light - Speed

Gaited - Stamina

Draft - Carrying Capacity

As they level up, they will have more of the primary stat that is affiliated with them.

The common horse is very expensive and it is honestly worth the $20 real life price for the Imperial Edition in order to get the Imperial Horse. Because the faster you obtain a horse, the faster you can start leveling it.

Leveling Up Horses / Feeding Horses

Once every day you can feed a horse with either Apples (1% speed), Hay (1 Stamina), or Oats (1 capacity). I suggest maxing out speed as fast as possible, but it’s up to you how you want to level your mount. Each feeding will cost 250 gold.

A horse can be fed up to 50 times, maxing out at level 50.READ MORE:The ESO Gold server

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