Women?s Guide to Running

Posted by webteam on May 12th, 2014

The more insight you gain into proper nutrition and training regimen, the more pleasure you will derive from running, regardless of whether your aim is weight loss or building stamina. Following these guidelines can be of assistance to those who are truly committed to running.

1. Your success, as well as the absence of it, is solely dependent on your attitude towards running. As long as it helps you boost self-confidence and reduce stress, then it shouldn’t matter what your stopwatch tells.

2. Running with your headphones on may be hazardous in many respects, since it will keep you from hearing traffic or outside noises along with greater risk of suffering an accident.

3. Moderate exercise over the course of pregnancy is widely considered to be beneficial for your health. However, the intensity of running should decrease as your pregnancy progresses. Studies show that women who tend to exercise on a regular basis are likely to give birth to babies whose weight exceeds the weight of infants whose mothers are passive by five per cent. Higher birth weight has been proven to have a significant impact on offspring’s later resilience and strength.

4. Being competitive is not a prerequisite for entering a race. There are many other racers out there such as yourself whose priority ranges from socializing and recreation to health, not to mention a number of other reasons.

5. Having a partner to run with in a regular manner will guarantee your safety, along with helping you maintain motivation. Assuming you prefer running alone, a dog can serve as both your companion and a trustworthy guardian.

6. Being on a period shouldn’t prevent you from running since it will often relieve the pain if you are experiencing menstrual cramps since natural pain relievers known as endorphins are being released through exercise.

7. Women who prefer running alone ought to take proper precautions before leaving home, for instance, leave a note saying when they are planning to get back and where they can be found running. Make sure your schedule is not overly predictable and stick to more urban surroundings when going for a run.

8. Regardless of your size, it is preferable to wear a sports bra since it will minimize breast bounce together with providing comfort without being constrictive.

9. Struggling to lose fat by eating less and running more doesn’t give any results. Increased intensity of workout and reduced food intake will conserve calories and prevent you from losing fat. It is preferable to exercise moderately and increase your intake of food prior to your training.

10. Since women’s feet are commonly narrower than men’s, when opting for running shoes, choose those which are designed specifically for women. Nevertheless, if your feet are slightly wider you might as well feel more at ease in shoes designed for men. Basically it all comes down to buying the shoe that fits the best. If wearing poor-fitting shoes has caused you blisters or any running-related injury, seek help from a podiatrist whose specialty includes treating runners.

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