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What are Civil rights? Have you being denied by your Civil rights? Civil rights, guarantees of equal social opportunities and equal protection under the law, regardless of race, religion, or other personal characteristics. Examples of civil rights include the right to vote, the right to a fair trial, the right to government services, the right to a public education, and the right to use public facilities. Civil rights are an essential component of democracy; when individuals are being denied opportunities to participate in political society, they are being denied their civil rights.

Sadly, every day individuals across the country face hardship or discrimination and are denied opportunities due to unfair practices, perceptions, and actions. It is the job of a civil rights attorney to stand up on behalf of those individuals, as they are specialized in cases involving an individual’s human rights and they act as advocates for the rights and liberties guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and legislation.

Cases in which a civil rights attorney would become involved include age discrimination, issues that affect the disabled, discrimination due to race, color, religion, sex, or national origin, protecting the rights of people in institutions including residents of government-run nursing homes and prisons, equal pay issues, employee rights, voting rights, rights set down by the bill of rights of the U.S. constitution, among a number of other issues.

A person who is bringing a civil rights case to court (a plaintiff) or a person or organization that the action is taken against (the defendant) can hire a civil rights attorney. At this law firm, Gregory Antollino represents clients who have been the victims of aggressive actions by law enforcement personnel. Police and prosecutors in New York make decisions that frequently place a person into a situation where his or her constitutional rights are violated.

The best way to protect your rights if the police have illegally detained you or abused you physically is to get a lawyer. Contact for Civil Rights Attorney New York. As your attorney, he can help you fight back to protect your rights. He can make a difference, and hold bad actors responsible for their conduct, but in order to do that, you have to take the first step.

Law enforcement does not like to see their methods challenged, and will put up a pretty substantial fight against those who file a lawsuit against them. Your attorney needs to know how to overcome these obstacles, and present a compelling case in order to help you obtain justice.

He has prior experience representing clients in a number of these types of cases, including:

· Wrongful Arrests

· Wrongful Prosecutions

· The Use Of Excessive Force By Law Enforcement Officers

· Other Examples Of Police Brutality

He is the best New York City Civil Rights Lawyer.

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