Find the Best Nursery Furniture For Your Bundle of Joy

Posted by johnhrq on December 17th, 2020

Learning you are expecting an addition to your family is a whirlwind of emotions. Of course, there’s excitement and happiness finding out you are going to have a baby. But once you find out, there is a lot of planning to be done, especially furnishing the baby’s room! Finding the proper furniture can be a very challenging task. There are a million types of furniture to choose from and even more places to get the furniture. It’s best to narrow your options down so you can know you’re getting the best nursery furniture for your incoming child.

No matter what time of nursery furniture you are looking for (because there’s a ton of different types) here’s a comprehensive list of options to consider.

Basic Types of Nursery Furniture

Cribs are the most obvious choice when it comes to baby furniture; it’s an essential! That’s where the baby sleeps (duh) so of course you want to choose one that fits your standards. There are a bunch of different types and styles of cribs. You can choose from the traditional style, a more modern take on the crib, or a convertible crib.

●Traditional - This is the most common type of crib for your baby. It’s simply just where they can sleep and take naps!

●Modern - Modern cribs can serve the same function of traditional and convertible cribs but the difference of modern cribs is simply the look of them. Depending on your personal style and how you want the baby’s nursery to look is entirely up to you. Some modern cribs on the market look very aesthetically pleasing, so you can have a seriously stylish baby!

●Convertible - A convertible crib is the most cost effective crib on the market due to the sole fact that it’s a two-in-one bed! Once your baby grows into a toddler or small child, you are able to convert the crib into a trundle bed. Some convertible cribs even can transform into a normal bed once your child grows big enough.

2.Changing Tables - Depending on your situation, you can choose a simple changing table that will serve their purpose. Most changing tables only serve one purpose, so there’s not much of a need to get super complicated with this purchase.

3.Dressers/Hutches - Dressers are a pretty simple and essential thing to add to your nursery furniture collection, as well. Where else would you put the baby’s clothes!

Where to Find Nursery Furniture
Whatever you decide to buy for your baby’s new room, make sure it’s the best nursery furniture for you and your family. It’s important to prioritize safety but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style when picking out the furniture. If you’re unsure where to start your hunt for the perfect nursery furniture, start by looking at Kids N Cribs. This is an online and also in store based in Pleasant Hill, California. They specialize in all furniture for kids and newborns and have styles that will please every parent and child.

Check out their website at and search through an extensive collection of kids furniture. Kids N Cribs is really a one stop shop for everything you would need regarding children’s furniture. If you have any questions, give them a call at 925-778-2229 and they will be happy to help.

Choose from hand-crafted furniture like dressers, cribs, trundles and beds, and even bedding and decor. Don’t settle for anything less than perfect for your family and their new rooms. Everything Kids N Cribs offers on their website would be a perfect fit for the family. You can count that everything purchased from this store is guaranteed to exceed all of your expectations.

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