Send holiday gifts in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Posted by rs on December 17th, 2020

In Dodo Airlines'in-game mail system, you can use special winter postcards to send your relatives and friends your gifts and blessings. From December 1st to 25th, you can buy winter-themed decorative toys and gifts at the Resident Service Plaza on the island. Collect the special decorations that the decorative trees on the island will drop, and capture the various snowflakes accumulated on the island to get winter-themed recipes, such as Christmas themes. In the Nook Cranny store, you need to choose colors for Toy Day items, and remember to return them regularly to collect all the items. Choose the wrapping paper in the cabinet, and send the wrapped toys and gifts to friends and family on your list.

Different styles and quantities of packaging paper cost different Bells. Choose the right packaging paper and send it to the right person. The X button on the Joy-Con controller can open the inventory, then select the wrapping paper and corresponding items, and click the package button. Finally, you need to visit Orville at the airport, first make sure that your network can connect to the postcard rack on the right side of his desk, and then you need to spend 200 bells. First, click the Send One button from the Orville menu, and then select a friend from the list. Customize and select your favorite postcards in December, enter what you want to say, the plus button can preview, and the minus button can cancel sending. Finally, click the icon like a gift and select the items you want to attach. After you click OK, your friend will receive your blessings in his mailbox the next day.

Before that, remember to complete the Dodo Airlines Airport tutorial, build your island, and invite your friends. A temporary five-character Dodo code can help you invite players who are not on your Nintendo Switch friends list. Although they can't cut down your trees and can only take the fruits that fall from the fruit trees from your island, they should be happy to accept your blessing. If your bells are not enough for you to bless all your friends, click to Buy Nook Miles Tickets.

Best wishes to you and your friends.

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