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Are you interested in searching for jobs in graphic design? Would you like to be able to find a great online platform that can provide all users with a centralized hub to maintain a graphic designer online portfolio and secure employment? If your answer is yes, then you should try SHOWN’D! This is an amazing website that has jobs for graphic designers, content writers, photographers, videographers or illustrators who wish to be noticed by prospective employers.

What you definitely need to keep in mind about SHOWN’D, a great online portal with jobs in graphic design and other creative fields, is that it a fantastic gateway for both talented people looking for jobs for graphic designers, as well as employers who have openings in their company.

If you are interested in becoming a featured artist of the week, then you definitely ought to go online, to and read everything that you need to know in the FAQ section. What you should definitely bear in mind is that the members of SHOWN'D look around and find portfolios that they like and feature them, yet they can miss some. If you believe that your ought to be considered, then simply send an e-mail at the designated address together with a link to your portfolio explaining why you are interested in being featured. 

If you are worried that your portfolio will not be viewed by so many potential employers and will be considered for jobs for graphic designers, then you can make it more prominent. You indubitably ought to update it regularly in order to show up most recent in the portfolios page. Another essential thing would be to tag your files and fill out each category listed online so all your skills can be added. This will indubitably help boost your visibility and increase your chances of finding jobs in graphic design. Also, you should bear in mind that it doesn’t hurt to link your showcase in other website you visit and provide a link in your forum signature.

As mentioned above, another thing that you must remember is that you are allowed to embed your showcase in your blog or any website. Go to the home area, click the embed button to the right side and, once it is on screen, you should simply customize your script with any available settings for colors, width, thumbnail size, and then click the Generate button to generate the script. If you wish to see your changes, then click on Preview and then take the script and copy/paste it wherever you want. Keep in mind that the location that you are embedding to must allow Javascript to be used in order to work efficiently.

If you are an employer who wants to benefit from the wide range of artwork displayed on a reliable and much-appreciated website and post ads concerning jobs in graphic design, then you definitely ought to appeal to a fantastic platform such as It also helps creative professionals due to the fact that it has jobs for graphic designers, writers, photographers and so on and so forth!

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