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Posted by jennycooper on May 13th, 2014

Companies everywhere spend a lot of money on printing, including on buying cartridges or refilling ink. Not to mention that some companies rely a lot on printed materials and they cannot make any savings. However, not until they hear about CISS and the major benefits it implies. The idea behind continuous ink supply system is quite simple and it can be implemented by any professional. Instead of refilling those cartridges inside the printer, a separate container can be added near the printer that will provide the required ink on a constant level. The system is formed out of a set of ink bottles and the tubes that makes the connection between them and the ink print head. This system has a lot of advantages and maybe once you get to know them, you will be sure that it is exactly what you need.

First of all, if you have set your mind on saving money, CISS makes it possible. You can now print a large volume of documents at a fraction of price, compared to traditional cartridges. It does not matter if you are a professional, a small or large business; the opportunity is available for everyone. Just as you buy bulk paper for your printer, you can easily integrate bulk printing and make sure you ever run out of ink. How frustrating it is to have to print out some urgent documents and realize that there is no ink? Until you get the problem fixed or send someone to buy cartridges and then install them, you end up wasting a lot of valuable time.

However, many people think that quality is compromised by the continuous ink supply system, since everything is done at a large scale. This is a certainly not true, because CISS nowadays is very competent and all your documents will come out in a high quality, with vibrant colours and crisp text. Also, you can forget about making a mess when refilling cartridges, since all you need to do is connect the ink bottles to the container outside the printer. And since the quantity is very high, you will not have to do it very often. When you decide to purchase the ink system, it is best to check compatibility and see if your printer model is within the list.

With regular cartridges you can never know for sure when ink is actually going to run out. This is not the case with continuous ink supply system, since external tanks allow you to see the amount of colour left and then you can simply refill that specific tank. They are designed in such a manner to provide ink for a long period of time, just to give you peace of mind and to make sure you will be able to print away documents whenever required. Once you buy the CISS, you will then simply have to get the ink and the good thing is that you can find all the desired products online, being more convenient to order and to wait for the delivery to be made at your exact address.

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