Ways How UI and UX Affects Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Posted by Sudha Solutions on December 17th, 2020

Two ways are usually accounted for any company's growth online, one is organic growth, and the other is paid media strategy. The importance of both components still exists to gauge success, but the website itself can be overlooked. A website has far more potential to deliver if used to its optimum capacity.

Following is the purview of ways the best UI UX agency in India can affect your digital growth.

UX Design

UX design is the process of building products that provide a meaningful and relevant experience to the users—in simple words, providing the best user experience from beginning to end. Best design studios in India make sure that when the user comes to a site, they can get the information they are looking for in the fewest clicks possible. 

They can also make a designer convert every page and quickly answer as many questions before making contact. To set up the best user experience, one needs to understand what the user wants. 

UI Design

 UI design builds on the fundamentals of UX to enhance the user experience. UX focuses on how a product flows, the look, and how it can be visually appealing. In other words, a designer from the best UI UX agency in India makes sure your site is visually appealing enough for the user to want to navigate it. UI looks at the color palette of various intricate things like the site, icons, and shapes within the website for the best experience. 

Below are some important things the best UI UX agency in India does to a website to make their company grow digitally.

  • Clearly explains sections of your page and the purpose they serve. Puts headers over your page's sections, images for categories that need a better explanation, or interlinking to other pages to make the user experience much better.
  • Bullet points are your best friend. A UX designer breaks up blocks of text and converts them to bullet points to make it easier to read. People are always in a rush, so providing information in a clean and organized fashion as quickly as possible is ideal.
  • Colour affects interactions beyond your thinking. For example, having the same color throughout the website can make the user experience hard and challenging to differentiate contact points. Best UI UX agencies in India use a different color for focal point items and draw attention to those items. A UI UX agency will give you more conversions via your website using a third color in your site for contact buttons, phone numbers, and forms.
  • They use straightforward and easy to read fonts. Many times branded fonts are difficult to read on different devices. If you are committed to your branded fonts, they use different variations (italicize or bold) within the body text to make it more visually appealing.
  • The best UI UX agency in India tells you to use videos if you have them! Videos bring excitement to the website and allow to draw the attention of the user. A UI UX agency will include a video on your site but will block it on mobile to prevent slow speed or avoid users' consuming data.
  • They evaluate a website for usability by putting themselves in customer's shoes and going through converting or finding information, ensuring that your site has the optimal speed for both desktop and mobile, and the design and structure to deliver the best user experience. 

To Conclude


Without these website features, your company's efforts to build an online market will hit a plateau until addressed. To learn more about how you can use UX and UI to enhance your digital marketing, speak to a digital marketing expert at Sudha Solutions- the best UX agencies in Mumbai. Connect with them at www.sudhasolutions.com

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