7 Things You Must Know About Shaker Cabinets Before Investing in One

Posted by Mords1944 on December 17th, 2020

Shaker cabinets are predominantly known for their classic design using rails and stiles, which is nothing but a unique woodwork technique.

Shaker cabinets are essentially the most symmetrical offerings in terms of kitchen furniture, devoid of any complex carvings and other modern-day decor elements. For anyone looking to create a minimalist design for their kitchen space, nothing beats a finely crafted shaker cabinet.

Despite the inherent goodness that shaker cabinets bring on, one needs to know the insides out of the furniture before investing to buy one.

In this post, we unravel seven essential things about shaker cabinets that you ought to know before buying. Read on to find out more.

The origin

The name Shakers dates back to as old as the United Society of Believers, An era that witnessed the domination of wooden kitchens painted in muted colors, elegant drawer fronts, and door handles.

By the onset of the nineteenth century, the Shaker community made quite a name for themselves by producing simple, yet uniquely designed furniture that soon gained widespread popularity.

Since then, shaker cabinets have transformed into a classic and traditional choice as mainstream kitchen furniture.

Tracing the popularity

Although shaker cabinets are primarily suited for kitchens, they also seamlessly merge when used in other living spaces.

Perhaps, it is this versatility that made it possible for shaker cabinets to soar the popularity charts. Contemporary or outright modern, no matter what style of kitchen you want to work with, shaker cabinets are a bespoke element of inclusion that will never run out of vogue.

You know how they say there resides great power in simplicity. The same goes for shaker cabinets as well. They exhibit a straightforward design and style that has been functional for over several years and contribute towards creating a permanent image of class and beauty.

For aesthetic lovers, shaker cabinetry can be a treat of a lifetime. They also require medium to almost no maintenance which makes it a worthy option for both medium as well as large-sized kitchens.

Staying in vogue

Shaker cabinets have always been a timeless choice. Sure, there is a steady inflow of kitchen design trends every single year. Nevertheless, shaker cabinets have always managed to stay in vogue.

And that's not all. With shaker cabinets, one is always open to experiment relying on the power of simple elements and a limited color palette.

For instance, one can strike quite an impression with a retro look by pairing dark wood handles on a sheer white shaker cabinet. Additionally, one can also juxtapose several construction choices in one structure, like a mix-n-match of overlay and inset door style, bi-fold doors, and shelves as well.

Choice of hardware

When it comes to hardware choices, shaker cabinets go really well with ceramic and glass knobs that mimic an old-world charm. Nickel and brass are another great pair of options. One can also choose to include latches for incorporating safety measures with style.

To impart a bit of industrial touch, invest in pulls that come with the screws exposed. They are outright sleek, trendy, and seamlessly blend against any minimalist setting, like exposed bricks or stainless steel structures.

A signature designing style

Shaker cabinets use doors that have four panels; two stiles and rails each, fitted right across panels. Oak, soft maple and any other solid wood seem to be the traditional choice of material for shaker cabinet doors. Despite high-quality wood being used, it undergoes a stabilization process to mitigate chances of expansion or contraction, as well as to do away with minor to moderate imperfections.

Do shaker cabinets use real wood?

Originally, shaker cabinets were crafted from birch, chestnut, maple, and such finer hardwood.

However, in time, modern-day cabinets prefer using a combination of hard and softwood.

These days, a large number of shaker cabinets are crafted using multiple wood varieties derived from pine, cherry, or oak. Such an approach allows one to present before cabinets of varying quality.

When buying a shaker cabinet for your kitchen space, you will need to ensure investing in a piece that is resistant to minor bumps and little scratches along the way.

Expenses involved

Shaker cabinets are relatively economical compared to come-of-age kitchen ranges. One can also customize their shaker cabinetry keeping in terms of the size of the kitchen. Doing so will significantly bring down the labor cost.

When ordering to customize shaker cabinetry for your kitchen space, it is recommended to check out at least two to three retailers to get a competitive quote.


There you go with essential information that will invariably help you to make a smart buying decision.

Undeniably, shaker cabinets account for a hefty investment. Hence, you must consider all factors before making the purchase decision.

No matter what you do, never put quality on the backseat, even if it saves a few dollars.

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