Smart Contracts on Blockchain | Workings, Real Examples, and Platforms

Posted by MuBlockchain on December 17th, 2020

When we purchase a vehicle or a house, we encounter a special kind of aggravation associated with the complex forms of transactions. Many business leaders have felt the same pain. They are researching ways to alleviate it with blockchain-based smart contracts development.


This compact guide is a great place to start. It will answer your questions, whether you recently heard about the idea or are searching for in-depth insight.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are essentially lines of coded business protocols stored on a blockchain. Their key feature is that they execute automatically when involved contract participants meet predetermined terms and conditions. They are protocols that can operate at the most basic level of system infrastructure as they have defined by the people who develop them.

Majorly, in business collaborations, the advantages of smart contracts are most apparent. A business or two can use it to implement a form of an agreement in a way that involved parties can be confident of a result without the intervention of an intermediary.

How do they Work on Blockchain

If you have ever purchased a car from a dealer, you know there are several steps involved. Indeed, it can be a tedious procedure. To prove your identity, you will have to fill out several forms with your details and communicate with many different individuals along the way. It includes a salesperson, a broker, a lender, and more. Various commissions and fees are added to the base price of the car to compensate for their work.

Because of a lack of confidence among participants in the transaction, smart blockchain contracts can streamline this complex process that involves multiple intermediaries. Lenders will easily decide credit with your identity stored on a blockchain. It will establish an immutable digital contract between the bank, the dealer, and the lender. Once the dealer gets the funds, the lender would retain the title of the car, and it will initiate repayments based on the agreed terms. As the transaction is registered on a blockchain and shared among the participants, auditing can be in real-time, any time, and the transfer of ownership will be automatic.

Advantages of Smart Contracts






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