List of 15 Best Android Libraries for 2020

Posted by Chesser on December 17th, 2020

Thor experienced Mjölnir and Sherlock Holmes experienced his wit, but what do Android application builders have? – I’ll inform you, it’s the extraordinary libraries.

In short, Android frameworks and libraries (or maybe libraries generally), can be a list of implementations of behavior which have been published in programming languages and possess a nicely-described interface.

These libraries generally contain documentation, configuration info, information templates, assistance information, pre-written code and subroutines, values, lessons, to call a few.

Among the big reasons for working with these libraries is usually to expedite the event process, i.e., produce an astounding app with no needless or additional initiatives. These libraries supply developers with basic pre-created codes and various essential things which might be used promptly as opposed to carrying out these duties from scratch.

So, For those who have just begun your job in Android apps development and need to know about popular libraries which are a go-to Resource of virtually every best Android application enhancement firm, then this information is what you necessary.

Here i will discuss the 15 best Android libraries for builders.

Dependency Injector Library

Right before we go on to the list of best and most current Android libraries 2020 for Dependency Injector, why don’t we have a moment and understand what Dependency Injector is?

1. Dagger two

One of several fantastic things about Dagger 2 is usually that it majorly relies on working with Java annotation processors as well as compile-time to estimate and examine dependencies. Quite the opposite, other Java dependency injection libraries have problems with limits including relying on XML, incurring effectiveness penalties all through startup, or experiencing validating dependency troubles at operate-time.

An additional advantage of Dagger two is always that it simplifies entry to shared scenarios. For instance, as soon as you declare in Dagger the singleton situations like MyTwitterApiClient or SharedPreferences, you can easily declare fields with a simple @Inject annotation:


Allow me to share the instruments which you require for developing any sort of community communication inside the Android app.

two. Retrofit

Retrofit is a type-Secure REST client for Android and Java, intelligently mapping an API right into a customer interface with the help of annotations. Beforehand, for those who wished to produce a network request, you necessary to execute an Async undertaking class then use HttpsUrlConnection in order to fetch details, something that was not great when managing APIs returning big knowledge. This can be now resolved by Retrofit.

One can effortlessly manipulate endpoints and headers, add a request entire body and question parameters, and choose request strategies – all with just annotations in Retrofit. In addition, this Android library also requires treatment of parsing to POJOs through the use of converters.

Start off by including dependency in your applications build.gradle file –

Right after adding the dependency towards your application build.gradle file, you must include a dependency for converters that you intend to employ.

Picture Loading

Picture loading libraries absolutely are a knight in shining armor combating with the condition of “out memory glitches” in Android apps a result of loading a number of illustrations or photos at any given time. Let’s look at the ideal Android libraries solutions available On this category.

3. Picasso

Maintained by Square, Picasso can be a trusted and extensively applied Android image library. Picasso claims to allow for hassle-free of charge image loading in the application—frequently in a single line of code.

Several of the pitfalls that Picasso requires treatment of incorporate dealing with ImageView recycling and downloading cancelation within an adapter, facilitating intricate graphic transformations applying nominal memory, computerized memory, and caching.

Added options which makes Picasso a well known alternative amid Android application builders are –

Picasso automatically detects adapter re-use and also the Formerly canceled download.

It conveniently and effectively transforms visuals to generate them in good shape greater into layouts and reduce memory dimensions.

For additional State-of-the-art effects, you can specify custom made transformations.

4. Glide

Glide is Yet one more praised graphic loader and probably the greatest new Android libraries for builders, managed by Bumptech. Not only this, but Additionally it is advisable straight by Google.

Glide not merely offers animated GIF assistance whilst handling picture loading and caching but will also helps in fetching, decoding, displaying video phone calls, pictures, and these GIFs. In addition it features a versatile API enabling builders and programmers to plug in almost any network stack, as its default stack is HttpUrlConnection.

This library generally aims at building the scrolling process for virtually any listing of visuals as clean as it may be. Far more so, it is also productive in the event you really need to fetch, resize, or simply Exhibit a remote graphic.


So as to integrate scanning capabilities while developing personalized Android apps and raise their performance amount, builders desire the under-talked about libraries.

five. Zxing

Acronym for ‘Zebra Crossing’, ZXing is usually a barcode graphic-processing Android library that is definitely executed in Java, with ports to other programming languages. This library also has help for your 1D solution, 1D industrial, and 2D barcodes.

Google also employs ZXing in order to make numerous barcodes indexable online. Furthermore, it kinds The premise of Android’s Barcode Scanner app and is integrated into Google Ebook Look for and Google Merchandise.

six. CAMView

This really is a powerful alternative into the ZXing barcode scanner. It is an Android camera easy access library having an embedded QR scanner and that is according to ZXing.

CamView library possesses a list of factors (sights in very simple words) which are established to get put to your layout files, letting builders and offering quick use of-

Dwell preview video clip feed from the machine digital camera

Scanning barcodes with the help of ZXing’s built-in decoding motor

To perform your individual digital camera Reside data processing

View Binding

The necessity for check out binding libraries first surfaced when the need to lessen the boilerplate code when assigning sights to variables arose. As a matter of reality, the quantity of libraries worth mentioning for this function is numbered and two of one of the most outstanding of them are –

seven. ButterKnife

Produced by Jake Wharton, ButterKnife is really a renowned look at binding library serving to in assigning ids to sights quite simply, therefore steering clear of the excess of findViewByld. The assertion- “Butterknife is like Dagger only infinitely less sharp” signifies that view binding is kind of dependency injection. The sole difference is that in ButterKnife annotations are used to make boilerplate code.

The code underneath demonstrates that ButterKnife gets rid of the necessity for things such as onClick and onTouch even though replacing them with automobile injected code.

8. Android Databinding

In-crafted into the Android Aid Library, the Android Databinding library needs the minimum of Android Studio Version 1.3 so as to perform. As opposed to ButterKnife, this view-binding library for Android isn't going to use annotations. It means that you can bind UI factors within the layouts to data resources in the application with the help of declarative structure as an alternative to programmatically.

Listed here layouts are defined in routines with code that requirements UI framework procedures, i.e., consider the code below. It calls findViewById() to discover TextView widget whilst binding it to userName home in the variable viewModel.


Virtually an indispensable action within the app enhancement system, debugging an software just before its closing release is as crucial as it receives. For this reason, Permit’s take a look at some valuable libraries.

9. Stetho

Stetho statements to become a “sophisticated debug bridge for Android programs”. The use of this library isn't limited to just Community inspection, Databases inspection, JavaScript Console, etc. but builders use it to have usage of the Chrome Developer Resources functions which can be natively Component of the Chrome desktop browser. What's more, builders can choose to help the optional dump app Device featuring a powerful command-line interface to software internals.

Reactive Programming

In Reactive programming, info is introduced from the ingredient (a supply if you might) to another ingredient known as Subscriber, aiding in managing asynchronous duties efficaciously. So To put it briefly, these libraries help with transferring data from supply to subscribers. A lot of the commonly employed Android app progress libraries for this intent are –

10. RxJava2

Should you are seeking a library that click here assists you in utilizing reactive programming (create reactive programs), then RxJava is a super option for you. It truly is officially referred to as “a library for composing asynchronous and party-based mostly packages by using observable sequences”.

This library is considered unbeatable by Android app builders mainly

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