Your Own Custom T Shirt Design: Getting One Online

Posted by AxelPrice on May 14th, 2014

Customization is the newest trend in the fashion industry. What got imported from the gift industry found a new definition in the fashion world, creating a major style revolution among its loyalists. After the brand madness, buyers started to show a sharp inclination for unique designs that have an unfailing personal connection. Your own custom t shirt design is the thing that is unlike nothing else made and sold in the apparel industry. Those tired of buying products from the same brand and disappointed with sameness of designs should get their own custom t shirts to maintain their originality at all times.

Getting your t-shirt custom designed is not much of a challenge, what with online providers offering DIY facility for their services. The websites are designed to simplify the process and facilitate easy understanding and operation of the users. Your own custom t shirt design can get ready in minutes, if you’re doing it the right way. Visit a website of your choice and hit the customization panel after shopping the shirt of your choice. You can work on the shirt purchased immediately after placing the order. Import it to the customization part of the website and choose a graphics from the site’s built in catalogue. If you like nothing from the line, you can import a graphics you’ve previously prepared for custom t shirts in your system.

Placement is important, and it largely depends on the size of the image. Making use of the drag tool of the website, you can draw the image to the required position. Most users prefer a center position for t-shirt graphics. However, if it’s an emblem or a monogram as your own custom t shirt design, then go for any position you like, or find suitable. You can use either front or back of the t-shirt as your design canvas, depending on the style of the product. For a polo t-shirt, a front-center graphics is not suitable because of the buttons that split the front till the midriff. In that case, using the pocket or the back would do. Custom t shirts have certain limitations, one of them being the resolution and size of the pictures. The websites allow images up to a particular pixel ratio and dimension, depending on the printing requirements.

Keeping your choice of image limited to that, you can use anything to design your t-shirts. If you want to design your shirt with a message, then you can choose the font style and size of your choice. You can use solid black text or colors, depending upon the message you’re flaunting and your personality. For girls, liberal use of colors is justifiable. Customizing takes not more than minutes. Once you’re done with all the editing, you can save the changes and return later to make additions or removal. Otherwise, you can submit it to the providers right away. The providers take not more than a couple of days to get the printing done. The products are delivered soonest at the doorstep of the addressee.

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