The resistance band is so easy to use!

Posted by Allen Lee on December 18th, 2020

For many people who exercise regularly, resistance bands (also called elastic bands) may be the least valued of common fitness equipment.

Compared with traditional dumbbells or barbells, resistance bands are extremely small, but you may find it hard to believe that resistance bands are a great strength training tool.

Elastic bands may not give you more intuitive training effects and feelings like dumbbells and barbells, but their strength is subtly affecting your training effects.

As long as a strap that looks "inconspicuous" can help you strengthen all the major muscle groups of your body, many people feel its charm the day after the first use of resistance band training.

1. The benefits of resistance band training
01 versatility

Although dumbbells can bring you a heavier weight load and fitness equipment is more stable and easier to use, they are not as versatile as resistance bands. You can do a set of resistance band squats and then do a double-head curl, or do a few resistance band sprints and then perform head training...In short, resistance bands can bring you more training possibilities.

02 Recruit more muscle

Because of the versatility of resistance bands, they are also more efficient. Dumb-head curls with dumbbells are a fixed movement, and the muscles used are also predictable. Due to the instability of the resistance band itself, the muscle fibers around the arm and shoulder will start to work to maintain the stability of the related joints and muscles.

03 Cheap and easy to carry

In fact, there is no need to say more about this. The price of elastic bands is relatively low and will not increase your fitness cost. Moreover, resistance bands are small in size, light in weight, flexible and easy to carry. When you cannot go to the gym for training, you can relax Put the resistance band in your bag or suitcase, whether you are taking it to the office or on a business trip, you can take it with you to practice at any time.

2. Types of resistance bands
There are many types of resistance bands.

The traditional resistance band is usually a long cylindrical tube with plastic handles at the end. Their thickness is different, which determines the difficulty of the resistance band. This kind of resistance band is more suitable for basic strength training;
Braided resistance bands are woven together with four strands of tubes. Similar to traditional resistance bands, they also have a variety of resistances, depending on your fitness level. Braided resistance bands can increase your durability, even in the most rigorous training. In the outdoor environment, they can also withstand resistance;
The flat resistance band is a good choice for physical therapy, physical and mental exercises and the elderly;
The Superband became popular because of CrossFit. It is used for pull-ups and partner exercises, and is often used by athletes.
In addition, you may have seen the kind of loop resistance band tied to the ankle.

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