Guide on how to make maple syrup

Posted by adairsawyer on May 15th, 2014

Maple syrup can be easily made at home. This may come as a shocking revelation to many, but the truth is the making of maple syrup is no longer confined to the syrup-producing factory. As long as you have all the necessary ingredients and equipment needed and a guideline on how to make maple syrup you need not have to worry. The steps are as simple as making tea or coffee though it is a time consuming affair. You can similarly make sugar free maple syrup at home with ease. As a natural sweetener, maple syrup has come to replace the sugar in many households. You can use it to flavor your pancake, ice cream, salads etc. The best part of having maple syrup is that you need not have to worry about your health as maple syrup comes loaded with essential nutrients.

Following are some the steps involved in how to make maple syrup:
•    The first and foremost step is to identify and search out a maple tree. If you already have one growing in the garden your work is half done. All trees in the maple family can be suitable for tapping. Some of the popular maple trees that are used to produce maple syrup are the sugar maple, red maple and black maple. Other species include silver maple, box elder, hickories, sweet birch, sycamore, walnut etc. The tress should be at least 1½ feet in diameter, should be sufficiently exposed to the sun, should have healthy crowns etc. Another thing to be noted is that the maple season begins in spring. Sugar free maple syrup cannot be produced in these steps.
•    Next arrange for the necessary equipment. You will need buckets, spiles, brace and bit, plastic garbage, evaporator, and collection bucket. You can purchase the spiles via online.
•    The hole should be drilled on that side of the tree that receives the maximum sunlight. The hole should be done in accordance to the size of your spiles and at a slightly downward angle. It should be done 1 to 4 feet above the ground.
•    The next step in how to make maple syrup includes attaching a collection container, which should preferably be kept covered.
•    Keep collecting the sap this way till the season ends or till you feel you have collected sufficient quantity of it.
•    Filter the sap, remove residue, sediment, twigs or bugs. You can use a coffee filter if the quantity is less.
•    Boil the sap, which should preferably be done outdoor.
•    The boiling process is very long and may take hours end. You need to keep an eye on it constantly.
•    The temperature should be checked continuously as when the temperature reaches 219 degree you would know it is the finished syrup.
•    Strain the finished syrup using food-approved filter that will remove the last bit of residue. It can then be stored in a refrigerator or a freezer.
The sugar free maple syrup can be made using water, splenda granula, vanilla extract and maple flavor.
The above steps on how to make maple syrup are widely followed. There are numerous other ways to make sugar free maple syrup.

Sugar free maple syrup can be easily made at home with ingredients that are easily available. A look on how to make maple syrup will guide you through a step-by-step procedure.

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