What Is LPD Video Walls & How Its Better Than Others?

Posted by Promodome Communications on December 18th, 2020

Prysm--the well-known and respected US-based manufacturers of large interactive wall displays--has unveiled the globe’s biggest interactive and fully touch-sensitive single panel video wall displays in two sizes, namely, 190 inches and 135 inches.

These display walls are one of the finest products from the maker and a component of its much talked about and widely publicized patented & proprietary Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) 6K Series.

LPD 6K is a fully interactive display; its strong polymer surface is completely impact-free and scratch-free, even as it supports a maximum of 30 unique touch-points. It uses the firm’s LPD technology, which’s better than LED and LCD display in several manners. For instance, these displays have a bigger range of colors, decisively better contrast ratio, and require 20% less electricity. These are also much reasonably priced, in comparison with other similar large format displays.

The LPD 6K series has a resolution equivalent to 6K in the 190-inch size and 4K in the 13 -inch. As mentioned earlier, it’s touch-sensitive and entirely interactive. Besides, it’s made with roughly 96% recyclable stuff. In addition, the screen is entirely flexible. You can roll it up into a 6-foot high tube to move it.

So, it’s hardly surprising that the LPD 6K Series has established a new international standard for interactive video walls and collaborative displays. LPD is pitched against plasma display panel (PDP), liquid crystal display (LCD), surface electron display (SED), and similar other large-format display technologies.

The new bezel-free LPD displays provide users with improved image quality with full interactivity. These displays also express the deepest black levels possible, resulting in a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1.

Q. What’s Interactive Video Wall?

It’s an effective display option that helps you display your message or information on a grand scale. As a result of many different screens, it offers a helpful method to present your content large than life.

Loaded with multi-touch options on your wall, it gives several users the option to interact with the wall screens at one time, without having to wait for their turn to engage with your products or services.

This technology enables you to provide immersive and efficient interactive displays for your audience, particularly, vis-à-vis the traditional interactive video wall. Your audiences get that additional level of control over the content they are being exposed to, and this in a way puts the control into their hands and gives them a memorable business or event experience.

Q. How Prysm LPD Video Walls are Different & Better than Other Similar Display Walls?

As discussed earlier, the LPD Video Walls are ‘different’ and better than similar other wall technologies in many ways.

Let’s find out how!

1. Lower Power Consumption

To begin with, LPD requires less electricity, vis-à-vis the rival technologies, comprising LCD and light-emitting diode (LED). When one switches over to LPD displays, he sees a 70-75% reduction in power consumption than the majority of other display technologies available in the market today. An LPD gadget differs considerably from an LCD in that over 90% of the original light gets wasted in the second procedure.

2. No Encroaching Seams/bezels

As there are no touch options or collaboration experiences in other larger-sized video walls, these often are plagued with the issues of intruding seams and bezels. With the LPD displays, you don’t face any such issues.

3. Superior Quality Viewing Experience at Different Angles

Unlike other large interactive displays, the LPD 6K Series delivers the clearest resolution available to help you see clearly every specific color and treatment. With a maximum of 6K x 2K resolution and smart light engines, you get to experience constant picture quality across the life span of the display—not possible with other large-format displays.

4. Easily Foldable & Transportable

LPD walls from this maker give you the option of transporting them to any location through small corridors and using the common elevators. This isn’t possible with the traditional video wall display products and you have to face difficulties moving and installing them.

The LPD technology comes with some additional benefits, including enormous black levels, an extensive 180-degree screening angle, a 65,000-hour panel life, minus any burn-in problems, and entirely recyclable components.

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