Keeping Your Dog Safe From The Weather

Posted by waggers on May 15th, 2014

Whenever the cold winter months are fast approaching, it is always best for you to buy your dog a sweater or a designer dog coat. When buying this type of clothing, you should consider many factors like the style, durability and the function of the coats to ensure that your pets are well sheltered against the harsh elements brought about by winter season.

The first aspect to give priority to so as to get the best style, function and durability of dog coats is the kinds of materials that they are made of. Since dog coats are principally used for protection, then you should seek for one that accomplishes this task better. There are three kinds of materials that would provide your dogs with the best protection during the winter season. They include:

Nylon- This type of dog coat material that is often used in raincoats gains its roots from the synthetic polymer family and is considered one of the most used polymers. It is mostly used in coming up with a waterproof dog coat. It is thermoplastic silky, which means it can be used in many other applications like fabric and even a bridal veil. It is very resistant to wear and has several other features like high resilience, resistance to insect scratches, paves the way for easy-care garments, and water resistant. Waterproof dog coats are essentially designed to keep dogs dry. Habitually taking a waterproof coat out with you on rainy winter season walks will stop your dog from carrying unnecessary moisture into the house. This means that when you get home, you will not have to worry as much about damp carpets or about your dog rubbing itself against furniture to get dry. A waterproof dog coat is also very positive for your pet's health. This coat will not only prevent your dog from colds, it's also very vital for older dogs who suffer from joint pains. A dog that is cold and damp from the rain is likely to feel pain flare ups, a waterproof coat could therefore prove essential and keep your dog happy.

Secondly, there is also the oilskin material. It is also fit for coming up with a waterproof dog coat. Oilskin material is a type of fabric that is canvassed with oil. This canvassing idea makes the fabric resist water, thus making it a waterproof fabric. The oil utilized here is in most cases linseed oil commonly known as the flaxseed oil. Having this kind of material for a dog coat, would also assure owners that their dogs will not get wet.

Lastly, there is also the tartan type of dog coat material. This type of material is actually a design pattern for a type of fabric. It is often described as a pattern of crisscrossing horizontal and vertical bands that comes in a variety of colours. During its first stages of introduction, it had wool as its chief component, but now is made of several kinds of materials. This advancement in the pattern is one of the basic reasons why it is being used by many dog coat manufacturers.

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Tracey Cannon is the Marketing Manager at Waggers based in Cumbria, England states that many of Waggers dog products are produced exclusively for Waggers ensuring the ultimate in comfort and care for your dog. The company offers an exciting range of dog products, including dog ramp, dog collars and leads and leather dog collar etc. in addition with a selection of dog training products. 

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