SMS Marketing Strategies With Bulk SMS API

Posted by advantasms on December 18th, 2020

Bulk sms messaging is generally the dissemination of massive amounts of SMS messages to multiple mobile phone users with the help of a telecom operator. It is mostly used by leading media organizations, corporations, financial institutions and other consumer brands for various purposes such as mobile promotion, business and entertainment. These days many new players enter the market as bulk SMS service providers who vie with established players to provide cost-effective bulk SMS services with a global scale.

Rebrandly is one such SMS service provider that provides bulk sms messaging services to corporate as well as personal users at a very cost effective rate. It offers the features that are very much needed by the businessmen. With these features you can easily rebrand any product by sending a custom SMS message. The message rebranding service from Rebrandly has various features like instant branding, messaging, distribution, visibility and tracking. Moreover it is available in over 160 characters of text. With this kind of feature you can easily create a brand image in the minds of consumers and thus can gain a considerable edge over your competitors.

Rebrandly has an advanced service delivery system that enables you to send large amount of SMS using a mobile device of yours. It is also provided with a web based application that can be accessed by the mobile device user through any computer. This feature helps you to send SMS from your mobile device directly to a person or to a group of people. The application has a facility to track the distribution of bulk SMS messages.

Rebrandly further offers various other features such as bulk sms management, bulk sms messaging, mobile integration, advertising through sms, complete mobile management, and real time reporting. With these features you can easily monitor your marketing campaigns, analyse audience response and measure ROI. You can easily store the data for future analysis.

Rebrandly has a feature to send customised messages to bulk sms users. This helps you to give a personalised message to a large number of people. You can use one of the many popular image options to customize the text message. Moreover, you can even take action based messages as well. This can be used for mass emails, bulk sms follow-ups and other marketing campaigns.

You can easily manage the text messages after they are sent. You can send the same message again to the same contact or another group of people. This is a great way to maintain communication with customers and prospects. You can also track the open rates of your bulk sms campaign using the free online mobile marketing tool. The Rebrandly platform allows you to test different versions of your text messages and track their open rates.

Bulk SMS API is a great way to send bulk SMS messages to multiple contacts at once. The sending and receiving of bulk sms messages is entirely managed by the SMS service providers. You just need to register with these services and get connected. You can send the text messages at any time of the day from anywhere in the world. Bulk SMS API enables you to monitor your marketing campaigns, track customer response and analyse open rates.

In the present scenario, text messaging has become a powerful tool for businesses and is quickly replacing email as a means of communication. It is an efficient and cost effective method to reach a large number of customers. The Rebrandly platform makes it easy to market your products and services by creating an attractive and customized text message advertisement. It allows you to target a large number of audience across a variety of social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and so on.

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