Advantages and uses of manual winch

Posted by sere on December 18th, 2020

Advantages of manual winch:

1. When various kinds of rescue work are needed, the hand winch is another option besides the vehicle winch.

2. Its biggest advantage is that it is portable and can be connected from any direction of the car. Lightweight and strong, electroplated and pressed steel structure, the steel cable is driven by two built-in forks to pull the pulley to advance the unit.

3. These prongs pull the steel cable when the winch is in forward mode, and also an automatic braking system. The fork will automatically lock when the grip is increased. The hand winch can also be used for lifting (the lifting force is about 65% of the drag force).

Manual winch use:

The manual winch is a lifting tool suitable for many places. Hand-cranked winches can be used for self-rescue vehicles in harsh environments such as snow, swamps, deserts, beaches, and muddy mountain roads, and may be used for operations such as clearing obstacles, dragging objects, and installing facilities for hand-cranked winches under other conditions. Safety devices indispensable for petroleum, hydrology, environmental protection, forestry, transportation, public security, border defense hand winches, fire fighting and other field sports.

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