How to maintain and clean the gas pasta cooker

Posted by sere on December 18th, 2020

Features of gas pasta cooker

It solves the shortcomings of traditional products that boiled soybean milk is easy to stick to the bottom, and has the functions of boiling, stewing, boiling, and halogen, and can use liquefied gas, natural gas and other gas. The gas pasta cooker has super heat preservation and heat storage functions, can quickly boil twice, and has a significant effect of 30-50% energy saving than traditional products.

Product application fields of gas pasta cooker:

The commercial gas pasta cooker is suitable for noodle cooking, hot powder and so on.

Maintenance and cleaning method of gas pasta cooker:

1. The equipment should be kept clean and hygienic. When cleaning, please wipe it with a wet towel. Avoid using a spray pipe to directly spray and rinse. In any case, the power cord and internal control parts of the equipment should be avoided from contact with water to avoid damage to the electrical of the equipment. Performance and safety performance, the power must be cut off when cleaning;

2. Do not use products containing chlorine (bleach, hydrochloric acid) to clean the surface of steel or heating tubes, even if they are diluted, they cannot be used;

3. Do not use cleaning agents, brushes, scrapers and other tools containing abrasive materials to clean the surface of steel or heating tubes.

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