What Are the Features That a Merchant Portal Must Provide to Your ISO?

Posted by Mark Watson on December 18th, 2020

The Most Important Feature Is the Help Desk Tickets!

One of the essential components that a CRM must provide to your ISO is the merchant portal. And this segment must include several features and tools that will provide many benefits to your company. One of the most important ones is the help desk tickets feature. There are several goals that this feature must be able to achieve. And all of them will benefit your company in many ways.

• All the requests will be solved as fast as possible. When one of your clients has a problem that must be solved by your company, you need to make sure to solve it in the shortest amount of time possible. The faster your company can deal with it, the more satisfied your clients will be. And the help desk feature provided by a reliable CRM is the perfect way to ensure that this goal is accomplished.
• The efficiency of your team will increase. With the use of this type of tool, you can be sure that the efficiency and productivity of your support team will increase. This not only means that it will be able to solve every single ticket faster. But your team will be able to solve a much larger volume of tickets than in the past.
• The quality of your ISO’s customer service will increase. The overall quality of the customer service provided by your company will increase. And there are many benefits that you can expect from this. The biggest one is a faster and deeper loyalty of your clients. And this means that the collaboration period between your company and your clients will increase.

How to Increase the Quality of Your Customer Service with the Help Desk Tickets Feature!

Yes, the quality of the customer service provided by your ISO can be increased. But how can the  help desk tickets  tool accomplish this? What parts will provide this effect? Well, there are 3 essential components of this feature that will produce this result. And due to the importance of customer service nowadays, you need to make sure that the CRM’s merchant portal that you are going to use will be able to accomplish this task.

• Every ticket will be seen and taken care of from the moment that it appears. The first part of the process is the speed with which each ticket is seen and solved. So, your team must be able to find and take care of every problem the moment they appear. The more time passes until your employees start working on a ticket, the slower the process will be, and the lower the quality of the customer service will reach. So, the first thing that you need to check is how fast your team can start working on the tickets.
• The help desk must have an internal SLA and grade every ticket accordingly. Another part of this feature is the internal SLA for ticket types. The CRM must allow you to do this. Only then can you be sure that your team will be able to find out the difficulty of each ticked and transfer them to the specialized members of your team. By doing this, you can ensure that the problem is solved properly. And no complications will appear in the future. So, if you want your clients to be satisfied with your solutions, then you need to ensure that the CRM allows you to set the internal SLA for ticket types.
• Your team must always know the state of each ticket. And the last segment that has a great importance of the help desk tickets is the ability to automatically send notifications to your employees. And that will be done at each step of the process for the tickets that they are responsible for. This part will yet again increase the efficiency and productivity of your team. And, of course, you need to check if a CRM includes this ability before you decide to use it. But all these components are only for the help desk. The merchant portal also has other features that are essential for your ISO.

2 Other Features That a Merchant Portal Must Provide to Your Company!

Besides the help desk tickets, there are 2 other features that the merchant portal  provided by a CRM must include. These features are also of great importance to your company. And they will also increase the level of customer service that you will be able to provide as well as the productivity and efficiency of your company. Each feature is composed of different parts that may differ from a CRM to another. But the final result must be the same. Otherwise, the CRM may not be the best solution for your company. So, the 2 other features that must be included are:

• Merchant Tracker. The first extra feature of the merchant portal is a tracker that can be used to detect the activities of your clients. There are 2 essential uses for this feature. The first one is to detect any risk that may appear and notify your clients. Doing this will help them to prevent danger and increase their loyalty to you. The second use is to detect any potential loss of revenue that your clients may suffer. Yet again, you can notify your clients and make sure that they can reduce the losses to a minimum. Both of these uses are similar, and they will ensure that the collaboration between your company and your clients will most likely become a permanent one.
• White label portal. The second type of feature that a CRM must include in its customer service segment is a white label portal that your company can provide to its clients. Doing this will allow your clients to simplify many of their processes. And they will start depending on your company even more. The benefits provided by this feature will increase the difficulty of your clients leaving for a competitor. The better the quality of the portal, the better the effects that they will have.

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