What is the prospect of touch screen market?

Posted by sere on December 18th, 2020

It has been more than ten years since the Chinese touch screen market began to rise in the late 1990s. Touch technologies are also emerging one after another. The characteristics of various touch screens are also mixed. The current mainstream touch technologies in the domestic market should be infrared, surface acoustic wave and resistive screens. Mainly, but these technologies also have flaws, such as sonic screens that require force to click, and the performance of resistive screens is unstable. The emergence of optical touch screens has basically solved many touch screen problems and has sufficient conditions to lead the future touch screen market.

Market prospect analysis of touch screen

The optical touch technology is superior to the existing technology in terms of response speed and touch accuracy. Among the many existing touch technologies, infrared technology is superior to other technologies in response speed, sensitivity and touch strength, and it is slightly inferior to optical technology (because everyone knows that the propagation speed of light is 3X108m/s, its response Speed ​​is of course second to none).

Secondly, in terms of size, the optical touch screen can be more than 250 inches, and the production cost will not increase significantly when the size increases. Compared with other technologies, the larger the size, the more obvious the price advantage.

An important point, from the perspective of IT industry development trends, Microsoft’s future new version of the operating system will greatly support the use of touch technology, and intends to civilianize touch technology. Including some of the operating system's accompanying application software, such as touch pen tablet, two-point touch and so on.

In short, the installation of a digital signage system mainly depends on execution. Only those manufacturers who can always pay attention to their customers will eventually win. Through the continuous innovation of the digital signage system, the brand will be continuously improved, and the continuous attention to new technologies will achieve good returns.

Features of the touch screen system provided by Toponetech: It can realize the overall high-definition picture with a resolution of 1840*768 and high brightness, clear and natural, and smooth playback. It is used to display the most intuitive visual impact to the audience in the exhibition (corporate promotion, exhibition exhibition, conference training); seamless integration and splicing technology: edge overlap of the pictures projected by a group of projectors, so that several pictures are spliced ​​into one Complete picture, (10% of the combined area in the middle overlaps, and the brightness is reduced to 50%, so that the entire face painting is completely integrated); multi-touch technology: completely get rid of the traditional interaction method of "mouse + keyboard", while breaking through the tradition The touch screen is limited in size and the number of users, and supports simultaneous operation by multiple people on the super-large display; interactive mode: A certain effect or result can be achieved through a certain action, mainly through the software part, which can be implemented according to customer requirements Through gestures and touch, you can freely play multimedia content such as three-dimensional models, pictures, videos, songs, etc., and realize the natural interaction between human and computer information, which will definitely become the future development trend; rear projection Method: Intuitively speaking, there is no limit to the projection angle, which can avoid the projector to block the displayed products; in terms of performance, the rear projection has high light transmittance, high brightness, high contrast, and presents the function of real scene and image at the same time; The matt and non-reflective anti-glare surface can effectively absorb background light and resist reflections from windows and artificial lighting equipment, making the picture clear and distortion-free.

Practical occasions for touch screen: large-screen multimedia exhibition and information query, water conservancy monitoring center, building lobby broadcasting and query system, star-rated cinema interactive digital window system, public security 110 command center, video conference or training, power dispatch center, telecommunications network management center , Interactive booths in exhibition venues, military command centers, traffic headquarters, large-scale exhibitions, stage evenings and other places.

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