Factors That Impact the Cost of Mold Making

Posted by joseph george on December 18th, 2020

Mold and molding has transformed the manufacturing industry by providing the opportunity to produce even the most complex parts with ease. With molded products being used everywhere – from home kitchen to heavy duty industries like automobile and others – the demand for creating custom mold for molding has increased. Customized mold is essential for manufacturing companies that need to mass produce complex parts with ease and repeated accuracy. However, customization can take the cost of mold making a little higher. In fact, there could be several factors that can impact the overall cost of mold:

Core Metal

Making mold core is a highly complex process and the cost depends on the type of material used for making core. Sometimes, the production length also determines the selection of core metal. Manufacturers who have long production needs usually give a nod to hardened steel or similarly durable material. On the other hand, short production runs go fine with aluminum molds. Depending on the project needs, a manufacturer can decide whether it’s fine to invest in an expensive but durable material or a cheaper but less durable mold. Accordingly, the investment in core parts machining change.

Cavities – Single Or Multiple

Family molds have multiple cavities to allow production of multiple components simultaneously. However, the number of cavities impact the time, labor and cost of production. As expected, more cavities require a little higher investment than a mold with fewer cavities or just one cavity. High-production needs usually satisfy with multicavity molds that may require a little larger investment, but offer cost-effective production.

Mold Base

Mold base is an essential part of mold that is designed to hold mold cavities, inserts and other components together. Generally, the base plate is made of steel. However, the type of steel used for the base can differ. Depending on the type, customization, and size of the mold, the cost of mold base making can vary.

Cavity Or Core Machining

Custom mold parts machining is an essential process of mold making for manufacturing parts with desired characteristics. Customization is required for various mold parts such as cores, ejectors, cavities, and cooling lines. The level of customization is the cost determining factor along with the type of material used to make mold.


The level of complexity of the desired part also determines the cost of mold making. The mold design must accommodate all of the part design requirements with high accuracy.

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