Crawl Space Insulation: What Do You Need To Know?

Posted by fireproofingkings on December 18th, 2020

Crawl space insulation is a type of air sealing insulation which helps maintain the entire efficiency of a home. Most people do not like to enter the crawl spaces of their home because it may be dirty and sometimes full of bugs. This problem can be encountered by proper maintenance of the crawl spaces. A properly maintained crawl space is a more comfortable place to enter. Crawl spaces are also responsible for the fluctuations in temperature of your home. Crawl space insulation is the best way to maintain the temperature of your home. Besides this, crawl space insulation also offers several other benefits.

Here is what you should know about crawl space insulation.

What is the Need of Crawl Space Insulation?

Insulation helps maintain the inner temperature of your home by lowering the air loss. Moreover, it also blocks the outside temperature from entering your home. There are many signs that indicate the need of crawl space insulation installation in Toronto.

High Energy Bills

If your air conditioning or heating systems are in proper working condition but you have to operate them for longer hours, there is a sufficient amount of air loss in your home. Operating ACs and heaters for longer duration directly impacts on your electricity bills. This issue can be solved by taking crawl space insulation foam services.


Old insulation is the favorite of mice. Besides this, the older insulation is also a good place to live for other animals and insects like snakes, spiders, squirrels, etc. Once these animals enter your crawl space, they are only one step away from your living space. The crawl space insulation blocks all the ways for animals and insects to enter your home via crawl space.

Damaged Insulation

If your previous insulation is damaged, you need to repair it. For this, you have to call the crawl space insulation foam service provider of your area, say Mississauga.

Different Types of Insulation for Crawl Space

Following are the different types of insulation for crawl spaces.

Spray Foam Insulation

This type of insulation is applied by using a sprayer. It is prepared at the site by mixing two chemicals in adequate proportion. After applying, it starts to expand which makes it an ideal choice for filling cracks in the walls of a building. The spray foam insulation is resistant to water, fire, and mold and can provide a good insulating effect for up to 10 years. Besides this, it also has many advantages.

Batt Insulation

Fiberglass insulation is another name for this insulation. It is among the most well-known types of insulation. This insulation typically has a layer of paper on one side and a soft pink fiberglass on the other side. The price of this insulation is comparatively lower than the spray foam insulation, but it has some demerits. The spongy material in the insulation is intended to soak up moisture.

Foam Board Insulation

This type of insulation directly attaches to the crawl space exterior walls. It is an effective solution to insulate the crawl spaces. The board insulation is an effective protection insulation against the transfer of cold and hot temperatures.

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