Why Outsourcing to Single Vendor Is Better

Posted by Congruent on May 16th, 2014

There are many reasons why an organisation chooses to outsource / offshore its IT requirements to another company. Some of the most common reasons for doing so could be to save time and / or reduce the overall cost, while other reasons may include lack of resources, desire to concentrate on the core business, flexibility that an outsourcing / offshoring company offers, like the ability of resizing a development team to keep it in- line with the project size & needs etc.

The reasons for outsourcing / offshoring may differ from organisation to organisation, but it is highly imperative for an organisation to keep vendor management simple in order to circumvent any confusion between the organization & its vendor and eliminate inconsistency in the quality of the deliverables. One of the ways to achieve that is by outsourcing your IT requirements to a single vendor who is capable of catering to your organisation’s varied technological needs. This not only ensures a seamless service, but also enables you to achieve higher performance and reduces operational expenses.

Why should you go for single vendor outsourcing/ offshoring?

• The vendor has a better understanding of the client’s business & project.

• Communication between the outsourcer and the contractor requires comparatively lesser time, saving communication as well as management costs.

• With single vendor outsourcing / offshoring, the time needed for troubleshooting issues (should any occur) can be significantly reduced.

• Without any multi-vendor implementation inconsistency present, if an error occurs, it requires lesser efforts to coordinate between the outsourcer & its contractor to find a resolution.

• Setting up vendor governance & vendor management process are uncomplicated.

• Since the customer interacts only with one vendor, it’s easy to set up operational guidelines and processes.

• One of the most common situation that a customer may come across is that of finger pointing between the vendors in multi-vendor outsourcing. Such situation does not arise if the client outsources to a single vendor.

• If the vendor involves a subcontractor, it’s the vendor’s responsibility to ensure that the subcontractor provides the quality product / service that was agreed upon, on scheduled time.

• In single vendor outsourcing, there is only one agreement signed between the outsourcer and the vendor.

Vendor’s ability to quickly adapt to your requirements is a key factor that decides the success of single vendor outsourcing. Finding / selecting a competent vendor who could serve as a one-stop-shop for your IT requirements might prove perplexing. In such scenarios, it’s always good to opt for a vendor who is an old player & knows IT outsourcing / offshoring from the inside out, with the capability of providing a wide range of IT service like that of Congruent. Congruent is a pioneer in IT outsourcing / offshoring with over 20 successful business years under its belt. Hence, the customers always benefit from the technical know how that Congruent has gained over the years. A list of renowned clients like 3M, Starbucks, Hitachi etc. is a testimonial to the versatility of Congruent’s IT services & the quality.

If your vendor possesses the qualities & competencies similar to that of Congruent, you are more likely to experience a positive outsourcing / offshoring experience without the need of relying on multiple vendors for your multiple IT requirements.

About The Company:

Congruent, a Microsoft gold certified partner, is a global IT services company with two decades of experience specialized in providing IT consulting services. Congruent is headquartered in Washington, USA, with a huge offshore development facility in Chennai, India, supporting its customers worldwide. Congruent, with a large pool of talent, offers software developers with strong technical knowledge and good communication skills for software development. Congruent follows Agile / Scrum methodology, where sprint meeting happens on daily basis so the customer is kept well updated on their projects.

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