Types of blades that work for OTF Pocket Knife

Posted by infinityotf on December 18th, 2020

When picking the most suitable pocket knife, one of the important elements to examine is blade steel. 

  • Durable material of the blade

It is relevant to analyze two vital aspects, i.e., hardness and toughness, to assess this. 

Hardness refers to how easily a blade sharpens and how long it sustains its edge. On the other hand, toughness applies to the blade material's abilityto resist chipping from forces or even deterioration arising from poor use.

The hardness grade of an OTF Pocket Knife is defined by both the Brinell or Rockwell techniques. A heavy ball is driven into the metal at a predefined force, and the indention is estimated. It is then given a numerical value that explains the hardness grade—the greater the amount, the more robust the steel - then it will undergo a more limited value of wear and tears even with regular use.

  • Weather Resistance

Weather resistance points to the Automatic Pocket Knife and its capacity to withstand abrasive particles and decay. 

Abrasive damage happens when debris shrinks down into the blade's smoother surface. The steel's hardness often determines weather resistance, even though the blade's chemical composition is another vital aspect. 

High carbide knives have great corrosion resistance but remain low on toughness, as the carbides can grow fragile over time.

  • Corrosion Protection

Moisture, rain, etc., can cause your knife to rust. Opting for a knife with strong corrosion resistance guarantees that such a decay won't be a common issue. It is seen that any blade metal that gives excellent corrosion protection often decreases it's edge style and retention.

  • Edge retention

Edge retention is the capacity of the blade to maintain its sharpness. However, sharpening a knife is time-consuming and can weaken the edges if not performed with the right technique. 

Also, some of the steel grades wear down more naturally and have more moderate edge retention. These knives need more periodic sharpening, which ultimately can decrease their durability.

How to pick the Automatic Pocket Knife blade?

When picking the best steel for your blade, you need to examine how it will be applied. 

Survival knife blades require solid, corrosion-resistant metals that can resist the harsh components and heavy-duty application. On the other side, an EDC knife should attain better edge maintenance with gentle sharpening. Recognizing these steel alternatives can assist you in determining the most suitable pocket knife for your requirements - 

  • Carbon Steel: 

One of the most popular steel standards - carbon steel, is well recognized for its superior strength. 

As a go-to knife, carbon steel is most popular in terms of use as the survival blades. Due to chromium absence, this is likely to erode quickly and thus require a good cleaning, oiling, and maintenance schedule.

  • Tool Steel: 

Tool steel is usually found in a variety of hand tools and sturdy knives. Its tough combinations make it permanently long-lasting. 

  • Stainless Steel: 

Stainless steel is a mix of chromium combined with carbon steel. This element has excellent edge maintenance, wear protection, and corrosion endurance. 

The downside is that its sturdiness is substandard to other steels. Stainless steel is frequently utilized to create kitchen blades that, in turn, control knife sharpness for use in food cutting.


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