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Posted by Abhi Ram on December 18th, 2020


WIN ERP Inventory Management Software is a standalone application however the software is bundled with warehouse management or supply chain management systems. This Cloud ERP inventory management software is used by retail, distribution, and manufacturing. It is clubbed with retail merchandising systems wherein users can also manage to price. Whether you are a manufacturer or a trader it is imperative that you need to track your inventory regularly, more so with the inventory that moves faster and sells briskly. WIN Cloud ERP Inventory Management Software has all the tools that are required by you. The solution has a set of pre-built components that automates and streamlines all the inventory activities of your organization along with providing real-time visibility of inventory.


Features of WIN ERP Inventory Management Software:

1. Item Management:  Item Management comprises regular items and non-stock items. The items held for sale in the ordinary course of business are termed as regular items. The materials or supplies intended for consumption in the production process are termed as non-stock items. It contains basic information about an item in the inventory, such as item number, description, unit of measure, as well as invoicing, ordering, and reporting information.

2. Multiple Location:  This functionality allows the users to maintain/manage inventory in multiple locations. As your business grows and expands into multiple warehouses, stores, and/or offices, you need to be able to monitor inventory levels in each of your locations and identify which locations have a specific part or product.

3.  Location Transfers:  This feature allows you to transfer items from one location to another. We can maintain the value of inventory in transit and other locations also. Using transfer orders one can manage the outbound transfer from one location and receive the inbound transfer at the other location. This activity provides more certainty that inventory quantities are updated correctly.

4. Items Reconciliation:  Items reconciliation includes adjustments, miscellaneous receipts and issues, and transfers. Receive and process inventory balance updates for solving inventory reconciliation challenges.

5. Item Tracking:  Serial number tracking helps in identifying each item in your inventory with a code and track its movement from the point of purchase to sale. Lot number tracking or Batch tracking helps in bulk tracking of items and monitoring their expiry dates too. The lot and serialized items in Inventory Management are required when lot and serialized items are issued out of base inventory.

6. Non-Stock item:  You can offer certain items to your customers for their convenience, which you may not want to track in the inventory until you start selling them. When you want to start maintaining such items in inventory, you can convert them to normal item cards from a non-stock item card.

7. Bill of Materials (BOM):  A set of items together form another item which is nothing but a Bill of Material. For example a computer consists of a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and CPU, instead of purchasing items separately, you can order a computer indirectly.

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