What is Back Office Outsourcing and Why You Need it?

Posted by Shrikant Guthe on December 18th, 2020

The back--office is where the support work for the front office is done. The front office is the "face" of the company, used to make sales and interact with customers and clients. Back-Office Services are all the resources of a company producing a product or service, and all the other work that isn't seen by customers, such as logistics or administration. Although a back office's operations are seldom seen, they are a significant reason for a business' success. They include functions like:





Human Resources

Record Keeping


It Services



It's an extensive list, and you may not need all of these services. Therein lies the beauty of outsourcing. You can scale the services you use, and only pay for what you use.

OK, But What Exactly Is Back-Office Outsourcing?

Mention outsourcing back-office functions to a small or medium-sized company, especially one that's just starting up, and a typical reaction might be: "Outsourcing? I'm just starting! I'm way too small an operation for outsourcing to work for me!" But the truth is a company like that is precisely the one that needs to utilize outsourcing. Here's why:

Even with limited resources, a start-up can hire an entire back-office operation so the principles can concentrate on building the business.

Costs involved in outsourcing are about 60% of which you will pay to have those back-office functions in-house.

There's no training, no infrastructure, or office space required for your outsourcing partner to supply you precisely with the team you need.

And there's no hassle with interviewing, hiring, training, payroll, insurance, or taxes. None of that is your worry anymore.

And maybe best of all, outsourcing lets you scale your resources! Now you can have the workforce that's best for you, the right size, and the right talent, so you're not wasting any of your capital.

Since Front and Back-Office Operations are so different, and the Front-Office is your business's face, you can't offshore those functions. But more and more enterprises of all kinds and sizes are turning to Back Office Outsourcing Services. Using Back-Office Support Companies means that all or some of their back-office operations have been outsourced. There are many options when choosing Back-Office Outsourcing Services.

What can Back-Office Business Process Outsourcing do for you? Is there an advantage of Back-Office Outsourcing? There are many advantages.

Catalogue ManagementData MiningData EntryData ManagementTransaction Processing & Management ServicesLogistics ServicesBilling and Invoicing ServicesPurchase Order Processing ServicesData ConversionDocument DigitizationDocument Indexing and Archiving ServicesApplication ProcessingDatabase Management,OCR ServicesRetail and eCommerceAccounting Data Entry

All of these business processes can be offshored with significant savings in virtually every way you can think of-

Time - because BPOs can quickly ramp up, and on day one, offer you a complete back-office solution.

Money - because you only pay for services you use, there's no waste or downtime you're on the hook for. There are no "training period" costs that you need to absorb. There's no "vacation time" expenses, no "payroll" expenses, no "insurance" expenses… the list goes on and on.

This is precisely why outsourcing back-office can deliver the competitive advantage you need to stay ahead of your competition.

Types Of Back Office Operations Which Are Outsourced:

Here are just a few things that offshore outsourcing can do for your enterprise.

Human Resources - Outsourcing this department will give you the chance to only talk to the very best of the candidates applying for a position. All of the background work, all of the application process, the all of the paperwork involved with hiring a new employee will be handled by your offshore partner.

Data Entry Services - Leveraging outsourced data entry means having the latest tools available- skilled personnel, state of the art hardware and software, timely input, and access.

Financial services - We're talking about all kinds of financial services. Payroll, accounts receivable, accounts payable, bookkeeping, Financial forecast team, and investing. If you outsource all of these functions, just imagine the savings!

IT Support - This would include network monitoring and management, security, they had a backup, cataloging, retrieving Data, server in system upgrades, hardware, and software maintenance. This means you can eliminate your in-house IT services.

Marketing - Outsourcing marketing is vastly different than it was 20 years ago. Your entire marketing effort can be outsourced. This means trained, experienced experts, handling your emails, your social media presence, your ad buys, and your SEO.

Rely Services. Your Back-Office BPO Solution.

No matter what sector your enterprise is in, by now, you may be ready to talk about how outsourcing back-office functions can help you slash costs, remove obstacles, speed up your process, and increase profits.

Using Rely Services as your Back-Office Services partner will save you more than time and money. Since they are continually refining their business methods, that endless pursuit of perfection will benefit your operational practices. Contact Rely Services today for a detailed evaluation of the many ways they can make you more successful.

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