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Fixed Assets Software is designed to maintain fixed assets catalog, classification of fixed assets, and damping operations. Fixed asset location is defined along with persons responsible for them. From a financial and accounting point of view, this Software can be configured as per financial standards.

Features of WIN ERP Fixed Assets:

1. Defining Fixed Assets:  Fixed assets data can be configured with a general ledger and with payables and receivables. It provides a real-time, accurate overview of your financial status. It includes your book value and accumulated depreciation, without any manual updates. You can allocate depreciation percentage to different general ledger accounts.

2.  Asset tracking: Fixed Assets Software provides easy and customizable tracking of assets. The assets can be tracked by description, location, or number.

3.  Capitalization: Capital Work-in-Progress (CWIP) functionality helps you to maintain the CWIP Accounting and Capitalizing the CWIP amount. CWIP is a holding account that captures the expended detail of costs incurred in the design and construction of capital assets. The costs are accumulated and shown as CWIP until capital asset/ addition is usable.

4. Depreciation calculation:  Implementation of a depreciation method is tailored as per your accounting or legal requirements. Asset-wise depreciation percentages and Book-wise depreciation percentages are defined by using standard depreciation methods such as Straight-Line and Written-Down Value depreciation methods.

5. Asset Transfers:  Fixed Assets Software can also help in monitoring asset transfers from one location to another location.

Advantages of WIN ERP Fixed Assets Software:

  • Delivers unparallel asset inventory tracking and reconciliation capabilities.
  • Plan, streamline, and control spending through proper project accounting prior to placing a fixed asset in service.
  • Eliminate cumbersome spreadsheets, manual data entry, and managing invoices associated with fixed assets.
  • Proper Reporting provides control over the format, appearance, and context of all depreciation and asset management reports.
  • Fixed Assets Compliance Adviser produces a multitude of comprehensive reports that satisfy the most common information requests posed by auditors.
  • Fixed Assets Software is easy to implement, learn, and use. It is time-saving that adds up to a better and efficient workday.

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