Invisible design of fireproof drawer safe

Posted by sere on December 18th, 2020

Traditional in-wall safes are cumbersome to operate. Some require people to climb into the cabinet and remove the hidden door to open the safe; some are installed under the bed and need to open the panel to open the safe, which undoubtedly brings a lot of trouble to actual use.

Following the trend of modern home furnishing, Guarda Safe has developed a fireproof drawer safe through continuous exploration and innovation, which is also a safe with a 1-hour fire protection function. As a member of the large family of embedded safes, it is special in that it does not need to be embedded in the wall, but can be directly embedded in the drawer, which is both concealed and convenient to use.

Fireproof drawer safe

In terms of appearance design, uphold the concept of simplicity and fashion, using classic white, clean and neat; on the lock, the digital password black key, simple key hole, eye-catching but elegant, while satisfying consumers' need for multiple ways to unlock Claim. On the whole, this safe is not too fancy, simple and stylish, so it is not the pursuit of modern people's avenue and simplicity!

It is worth noting that although the wall is not required to install the drawer safe, it is best to reserve enough space for installation when purchasing furniture. The simple wardrobe placed in the following is also a good choice, and it won't be inconsistent with other furniture.

In addition to being beautiful and convenient, this fireproof drawer safe specially designed for fire prevention also has the function of "safety steward". It has passed the Japanese JIS S 1037 one-hour fire test, and can withstand the high temperature from room temperature to 927°C within 1 hour, continuously ensuring that the temperature in the safe is below 177°C. Its fire resistance temperature is much higher than 650℃ at the scene of an ordinary fire, which can effectively protect the valuables in the cabinet-your jewelry, certificates and so on.

The fascinating part of invisible design lies in the final presentation of detailed processing and functional interaction. It brings not only an extension of the concept, but also the collision of creativity and wisdom to satisfy the home furnishings of various consumers. demand. The invisible design of the safe is not limited to the appearance of the home, it must be based on "security", probably this is the "invisible bodyguard" of the family.

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