How to Arrange a Motivational School Assembly Program

Posted by joelpenton on May 16th, 2014

If you are a teacher, counselor, or even a student leader, then you must have at one point or another been tasked to arrange a motivational school assembly program. Here is a step-by-step guide to making the process easier.

1. Brainstorm on possible topics.

Students need guidance and motivation on many aspects of life, from how to deal with bullies to how to choose a career path. Talks about social issues, current affairs, crime, political and global problems, science and technology, and environmental issues may also be very useful for middle school and high school students. Teens who are at a crossroads in their lives—such as seniors about to graduate—may need special motivational programs on how to choose a university, how to get scholarships, what to expect in college life, and even specific topics like how to make money and manage their budgets while in college, or how to handle student loans.

2. Schedule your assembly.

Before you even start to call your prospective motivational speakers, you need to set a schedule for your program. Choose a date when the hall or auditorium is free, for example. You also need to make sure that the program date won’t be in conflict with other school activities, such as major games or examination weeks.

3. Find experts on those topics and get in touch with them.

Some speakers specialize in career motivation and others in everyday student life topics such as dealing with bullies, managing homework, etc. There are also experts in very specific niches like teen health and psychology. Email or call your prospective speaker’s office. Let them know that you are interested in arranging motivational school assembly program and hiring them to speak about your topic.

4. Ask about fees and availability.

Is the speaker free on your proposed dates? What is the cost of hiring the speaker? Are there any other related costs involved, such as transport and accommodation allowances? Does the speaker need to fly in and stay in a hotel? These are just some of the questions you need to ask. Don’t be shy to ask for specific numbers, as you need to get the complete picture in order to see if your budget is suitable.

5. Once you have booked a speaker, take care of the little details. Make sure that the assembly hall is ready way before the scheduled program. Let students know about the upcoming assembly program to get them interested. Perhaps you can print a poster or flyers, or ask teachers to announce the event during their classes.

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