What are the functions of silicone phone case in addition to protection

Posted by hw on December 18th, 2020

Today’s products have not only one function, but various functions. Because of these functions, our products have so many functions. The same is true for silicone mobile phone cases. In addition to protection, what other functions do silicone phone case


1. A variety of colors can be printed on the silicone mobile phone case, which has the effect of beauty and decoration and shows its unique personality.

2. Silicone phone case has anti-slip effect.

3. The silicone mobile phone case can prevent the nails from being scratched and worn out when contacting the buttons for a long time, and protect the screen and buttons.

4. Protect the phone to prevent hard objects from leaving scratches on the phone screen or body.

5. Some silicone mobile phone cases also have the function of enhancing the signal, because some mobile phone shells form a magnetic field after contact with metal to interfere with the mobile phone signal. Put on an insulating silicone mobile phone cover to enhance the signal.

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