Reach out to Prospective Customers with Android Ads SDK

Posted by deephumohan on May 17th, 2014

The Smartphone revolution has taken the world by storm, spreading to every nook and corner of cities as well as villages. Known for its user-friendly interface and ease of use, the Android phone is preferred by many. So, if you want to promote your brand or advertise your business, why not go for Android ads? Simple and to the point, these ads encourage the Smartphone user to visit your website or make a purchase. With these ads, you have a wider reach and a higher chance of getting click backs.

There are 2 major Android Ads SDK (Software Development Kits) used to design and develop advertisements for Android phones. They are AdMob and DoubleClick, all offerings from Google.

Previously called Google Dart, DoubleClick has a range of features that allow one to design and publish an advertisement. It also allows the publisher to manage the sales. This SDK classifies ads into two types – CPM and priority. The former division depends on the price while the later depends on the time. Some of the features of this software development kit include inventory management and forecasting, ad traffic and delivery track and revenue optimization. Its user interface has features such as quick help, search and currency support to enhance user experience. With this SDK, you can design even design banner advertisements. Moreover, this kit allows you to create different ad formats based on the device it is going to be displayed on. This kit also allows you to demographically target your add to ensure better reach and performance.

The other SDK is the AdMob, short for “Advertising on Mobile”, allows publishers to create and publish ads for android phones in less than a minute. You can make use of its conversion optimizer tool to promote your ads. This software development kit is integrated with Google analytics, so you can effortlessly track the performance of your advertisements. This kit also allows you to keep track of each and every ad and click. You can also move from one app to another with ease. Using this platform, you can also create ads for Windows phone, iOS, Flash Lite and more.

Both these software development kits are relatively easy to use and don’t require much of technical knowledge. All you have to do is signup, download the software and get started. With so much ease of use and such a wide reach, aren’t Android ads SDK a great way to reach out to prospective customers?


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