The team of ZeniMax Online Studios has launched the other prime patch for the MM

Posted by 4esogold on May 19th, 2014

ZeniMax has been propelled to close guild bank of The Elder Scrolls Online after a duplication bug occurs. It makes the players flood the economy of the game with the billions of the sick-gotten gold. The bug has been available in the game since the time of beta. And it brought the outcome in the players that are having simple access to the uncommon materials, legendary equipment and the stacks of in-game cash. The players can purchase the ESO-Gold to get procured the necessary weapons, armors and the other accessories in the shortest possible time. By this time ZeniMax have just now begun to function on protecting the further duplication as they have told nothing about the way of fixing the economy of ESO. At this point, it is entirely disturbed.

Some of the player can already be conscious. However, a game breaking bug has struck ESO that makes the characters replicate the stacks of materials in their bank as written by redditor Mistress-Rarity. It is so easy. In fact that is probable to deal with it by the real accident. The dupe is the outcome of a bug in the guild bank while withdrawing the items from the bank. It is the time if the players click the multiple times in a short space of time. It withdraws the multiple copies of that stack. It can couple the bug with an auto-clicker method as the players can withdraw one million more gold in an hour only. The money along with the high-concluding items has turned out to be virtually valueless as an outcome. ZeniMax has stated that the dupe has been fixed. As they have recognized an item duping bug in ESO as the some players select to exploit, the development team acted fast as they have fixed the problem. The development team does have a zero tolerance policy while coming to abuse the exploiting bugs. The players that are found dealing with are to have their banned account permanently.

The team of ZeniMax Online Studios has launched the other prime patch for the MMOPRG, The Elder Scrolls Online. The new update, patch, 1.0.5 introduces a veer of bug fixations from the all sections of the game. The latest patch, 1.0.5 just arrives after the last patch, 1.0.4. It was a smaller update that was launched to address an item of the duplicating bug. ZeniMax dealt with some bans after patching out the exploit. ZeniMax stopped the megaservers in the North American and European point this morning to use 1.0.5. The maintenance time has been over; hence, the players are to be able to log into the game usually.Get the useful Cheap ESOGold news from here:The Elder Scrolls Online Gold

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