Personalization of Funerals as a Means of Overcoming Loss

Posted by webteam on May 19th, 2014

When it comes to funeral services numerous changes have taken place throughout the course of history. Nevertheless, there is a growing tendency nowadays towards the personalization of funeral services as opposed to traditional memorial services.

There are various ways to personalize funeral services, for instance, by bringing items that the departed was very fond of, or concentrating on showing things that portray that person’s nature. The bereaved are encouraged to commemorate a loved one by funeral directors who commonly allow the close ones to showcase their memorabilia with an air of dignity. There are other ways to customize a funeral service as well. Music closest to the deceased’s heart can be played. Furthermore, poetry he or she cherished or found consolation in, can be included in the ceremony. Registry books may have a common theme which reflects the deceased’s interests such as a hobby. There have also been innovations with regards to the design of both caskets and urns since the manufacturers allow the family members to choose the items which convey the things a deceased took particular interest in.

Putting together a couple of homemade videos can also be deeply moving since it conveys more than a spoken word. Reading a few lines of poetry or a passage from a piece of literature out loud whether they are taken from the deceased’s beloved authors or the deceased composed them himself, adds value to the service. One might also allow for friends to recite the lines they chose themselves or even share something they themselves wrote for that occasion. A manner in which a memorial service can convey a sense of closeness is by putting the departed in items of clothing which are considered to be of great value to them. Assuming the deceased worked very hard and was very enthusiastic about it, he or she could be dressed in their work uniform.

Showcasing these articles allows for the person’s story to be made known to those gathered for the service. Furthermore, it plays a significant role in the process of coping with the loss of a loved one, simply by enabling the close ones to reminisce by going over the old photos of earlier times they once had the joy of experiencing together. It gives them an opportunity to pay their final respects to their loved one by displaying their cherished memorabilia and what is more, this act encourages the communication between those in attendance. It makes it possible for them to discuss all those precious and delightful moments and to experience to a certain degree the times they went through with the departed one. While this might seem to be overwhelming and cause a lot of grief, it can also help them deal with the loss of a loved one. More often than not funeral directors advise the family members to commemorate the beloved’s death by customizing the funeral service since there are numerous advantages to this act of personalization.

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