Cut Flower Packaging Market: Investigation Reveals Contribution

Posted by Mayuri on December 19th, 2020

Cut flower packaging helps maintain freshness of flowers and provides longer vase life. The packaging is done in such a way that cut flowers get the required temperature and humidity throughout the period of supply. Besides, the packaging helps protect the flower buds, enhances the aesthetic appeal, and gives a fine finishing touch.  The packaging is available for a variety of flowers including orchids, roses, chrysanthemums, carnations, and lilies. The most commonly used cut flower packaging formats include cartoons, wrapping sheets, boxes, and sleeves.

Increasing demand for flowers is one of the factors propelling the cut flower packaging market to rise at 4.8% CAGR in between 2018 and 2027. As per the report given by Transparency Market Research, the worth of the cut flower packaging market was estimated US$ 2.1 bn in 2018.

E-commerce is a major element influencing the expansion of the global cut flower packaging market, and the credit goes to digitalization wave across the globe. People tend to buy or gift through online stores. There are online vendors who are facilitating doorstep delivery of flowers without any hassle. To deliver fresh flowers to doorstep, the vendors need to pack it properly so that there is no spoilage. This is propelling the demand of better cut flower packaging in market. Modified atmospheric (MAP) boxes are used for cut flower packaging in such cases. It ensures moisture for longer duration, hence reduces waste of cut flowers because of spoilage.

Innovation in Wrapping Style to Push Cut Flowers Packaging Market

The demand hikes at the time of valentine’s, festive season, mother’s day, and other similar occasion. Cut flower packaging demand also increases simultaneously in this season. Also, manufacturers have started focussing on customized textures and prints as meeting the requirements of the occasion. This is one of the factors helping in widening the horizon of cut flower packaging market.

Florists and retail vendors are trying to come up with innovative wrapping style to provide aesthetic appeal to cut flower packaging. Jute-based burlaps are gaining much attention in the cut packaging market. Sleeves segment has come out as one attractive packaging type.

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Shift in Major Producers of Cut Flowers is Enhancing Demand for Advanced Packaging Solution

Earlier, Europe was the major producer of cut flower but lately a shift has been observed in the paradigm. Owing to the favourable weather conditions and cheap labour, lately, Africa is emerging as a major producer of cut flowers. The shift in production dynamics has out-turned shift in the demand of cut packaging demand as well. There is surge in the demand for advanced cut packaging pattern, which is anticipated to boost the cut flower packaging market.

Owing to the demand for advanced cut flower packaging, manufacturers are compelled to come up with packaging solution that can aid in maintaining freshness of flowers for longer duration.

Some of the prominent players of cut flower packaging market are A-ROO Company LLC, Flopak, Ernest Packaging Solutions, Taghleef Industries LLC, Pacombi Group BV, Hawaii Box & Packaging, and Mos Packaging Printing Factory.

Many local and new players are expected to contribute to the global cut flower packaging market in the course of forecast period

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