Physical Business Cards? Thing Of The Past. Say Hello to New Digital vCards

Posted by John Larson on December 19th, 2020

MUMBAI (December 19th, 2020) - Almost every technology that we knew of till a few years back are on the verge of being obsolete. A 30 year old person today has seen at the very least half a dozen types of music players - right from tapes to iPods to modern phones. Anything older than fifteen years old is considered antique. Well, we can say the Business Card are on the verge of meeting the same fate.

Say Hello to Pocket vCard. It is the one company that has successfully eliminated the need to spend thousands on business cards only for the stock to end when it is needed the most. We have all faced the ignominy of having met an excellent client or partner and our card isn't with us. Result? We hand them our contact on a piece of paper - which, quite frankly, is bad for business. Pocket vCard completely wipes away your need for Visiting Card by sharing your own digital Visiting Card - through their own excellent app. You can share your own Pocket vCard through the app via a QR Code and that's it! The contact is saved! Also, it is available in 16 languages such as: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Hindi, Turkish, Arabic, Hungarian, Indonesian, Polish, Portuguese, Slovak and Chinese.

"We are elated beyond measure at the response to Pocket vCard. Who doesn't like to save thousands of bucks spent on physical visiting cards - which you can only carry so much. With our Pocket vCard app, share as many as you want - any day, any time. In fact, when your client or partner updates their contact information, you'll be notified immediately and if you update yours your clients will be notified immediately. Also, you can choose who you want to be notified of the update! Is that good or is that great? Download the app today to get the best of Pocket vCard.

"Physical Visiting cards are being used since 15th Century and have gone through a lot of improvements over these years. Digital visiting cards (vCards) have been around since 1996 and now with the fast growing technology and everyone having a smartphone, it is the right time to start using vCards. Let’s take a step together into the future of business cards!"said Brijesh Kothari, CEO and Founder of Pocket vCard.

About Pocket vCard:
Pocket vCard is a digital business card company that lets users share their digital business cards with their clients and business partners, thereby eliminating the need for physical visiting cards. Explore the website and download the app to know and get more out of it!

Download Pocket vCard from App Store or Google Play using the following link:


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