Medical refrigerators: Specifications and features

Posted by webteam on May 19th, 2014

There are plenty of medicines and vaccines, which need refrigeration for better storage. This is to keep them away from any bacterial attack in the open. Certain medicines need sub-optimum temperatures to remain active and viable. For this purpose, they need to be refrigerated in clean and hygienic conditions. For the purpose of medical uses, a medical refrigerator was invented solely for the purpose.

The specifications of the medical refrigerators

These refrigerators have a temperature control from 2 degree Celsius to 8 degree Celsius. This is the best temperature range to preserve vaccines, samples, blood specimens and more. It also keeps bacteria away from such medicines and samples for good. The capacity of such a fridge could lie anywhere between 300 litres to 700 litres. If there is a laboratory or medical store which needs a bigger device than this, it can be made on order as well. Some of the other common features of medical refrigerators are as follows:

  • Servicing: The maintenance for such a fridge is very low. Because of the compact size and efficiency, there can be high dependability on the product.
  • Temperature control: Since this refrigerator is used for medical purposes, the temperature controlling mechanism is very strong. A new temperature set can be reached very quickly and is always accurate.
  • History of the data: Some refrigerators also have data history availability. For instance, they can record the different temperatures that were set with respect to time and date. In this manner, there can be a strict check on its use in a lab.
  • Digital display: A digital display makes it easier for the user to know the exact temperature in the compartment of the refrigerator.
  • Computer connectivity: Some devices can be controlled through computer software too. This helps in better control and automatic transmission as well.
  • Insulation: Most of refrigerators have a very firm insulation in the device. This prevents any loss in cooling to the surrounding environment. Usually, a polymer such as polyurethane is used for this purpose.
  • Compressor: It would mainly have an air-cooled compressor. A good compressor will allow minimal vibration and very low noise. For medical purposes the noise levels are kept below 50 dB in total.
  • Alarming system: The sophisticated medical refrigerators have alarms for different purposes. For example, if the temperature drops or rises because of any reason the alarm shall alert the user. This will help in preventing any damage to the content of the refrigerator. Many a times, these medicines or specimens are temperature sensitive and can affect a life. And so their quality is very essential.
  • Glass doors: Most medical fridges have a glass door. This helps the user to monitor the content of the refrigerator and keep a constant check on the same.

Having a specific medical refrigerator for your lab or medical store is advised. It is a hygienic way of ensuring quality of the products at use in every way.

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