Freezerless Refrigerators: What should you know?

Posted by webteam on May 20th, 2014

Regular refrigerators have usually two to three compartments. These chiefly include a freezer compartment, and two storage compartments with cooling. There are many families or individuals who do not require a very big refrigerator. They need a small and compact one, which can hold their supplies. The major concern for such buyers is the over-sized freezer, which occupies the greatest part of the fridge. They do not need such a big freezer for their modest needs. For such a segment of buyers, big companies have introduced an exciting product – a freezerless refrigerator. As the name itself suggests, this kind of refrigerator does not have a freezer compartment and doesn’t take up much space for the user.

The design of freezerless refrigerators

These are usually front door designs and are streamlined in structure. The size of such fridges can vary from as little as 1.5 cubic feet to up to 7 cubic feet. The ones which are small in size can be used on table tops whereas the bigger ones can be used for under the tables or corners of a room.

How do these work?

These refrigerators have a fan-cooling compressor. There exists a thermostat which regulates the temperature in the machinery. The fan-cooling works on lower power and has an efficiency of up to 88%. You can increase the efficiency of your freezerless refrigerator by keeping it in a cooler area. If you have a space which is air-conditioned, then you can expect better performance of this product. However, if the fridge is kept in the heat or out in the open, chances are that its efficiency might somewhat reduce. 

For what purpose are they used?

The answer is both for residential and commercial purposes. If you are a small family unit with little demand for a freezer, you could look for this kind of a fridge. It not only provides extra space for vegetables, meats, breads and more but also has a better cooling efficiency in the absence of a freezer. If you run a store or a supermarket, then it is ideal for keeping products such as vegetables or other grocery items. It will not only add value to your store by giving you extra storage space, but also cut down on your electricity bills by providing cost-effective cooling.

What is the price of a freezerless refrigerator?

Bearing in mind that you are buying a fridge which is devoid of a freezer, it would cost less. For instance a Whirlpool freezerless fridge would cost you around $900. However, if you are looking for a compact fridge for a tiny apartment, then you can also buy a wine-refrigerator for about $100 from an online store.

Energy ratings

To make sure your product is law-compliant and does not pollute the environment, look for energy ratings of the fridge. Look for a yellow label that indicates the energy ratings and informs you about the product efficiency. So go ahead and purchase a freezerless refrigerator, and make the most of its capacity. A research on the brands would certainly help you in this regard.

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