Eating Disorder And The Types Associated With It Which You Must Know

Posted by remedymart1 on May 20th, 2014

Eating disorder is associated with how you manage your food. There are different types of disorder that you may come across. In one type the patient tends to eat more than his capacity where as in other the patient tires to crave more even if when body is not hungry and in very rare type the person tries to control its weight. It all depends on how your brain function and body responds. Whereas the fact is to be healthy and to stay healthy all you need to do is follow the healthy diet and stick to good eating habits. This would certainly ensure that you stay fit and healthy in a long run.

What is eating disorder?

 The type of disorder is generally seen more among females as compared to male. It is nothing but how your body and brain reacts to things. There are certain abnormal eating habits associated with the person’s body. Other than this, there is some insufficient food intake or certainly mental health due to which the person tends to eat more. There are few of the forms related to such type of eating disorder which includes the binge eating. Bulimia nervosa is another issues associated with it. In such type of disorder, person tries to control its weight either by vomiting out, drinking more water even when not required, skipping the food course or starving the body unnecessary.

Risk factors:

 There are certain types of situations that increase the risk of coming across with eating disorder such:

 Being female, if you cross the teenage, if your friends tend to call you fat even when you are not, you may feel like getting back in shape.

Age is another reason that plays an important role; research has also proved that such type of issue is more seen during the teens and early 20s

Family history is another reason that increases the risk for such issue. It could be due to parents who also suffered the same issue.

 Depression and dieting are two other reasons that also increase the chances of eating disorder that you may come across.

Types of eating disorders

There are so many different type of Eating disorders which includes includes a range of conditions that can affect someone physically, psychologically and socially. Some of the common types are:

Anorexia nervosa: Here the person tried to maintain their weight as low as possible by excising more and eating less.

Bulimia: Here the person tries to control the weight by eating but the taking out through vomiting.

Binge eating: in this the person feels like eating more even when the tummy doesn’t need it at all.

Causes of eating disorders

There is no body to balm for such type of disorders expect for your own self or the social pressure that you may go through. There no associated diseases that trigger down this problem or any kind of health issues show the symptom can be eating disorders.

To deal with eating disorders, you need to have control on yourself at the same time realize how important it is to eat healthy ad stay fit.

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