Online football games: some ideas

Posted by LauraDerb on December 20th, 2020


Probability is the chance that a particular event will take place. For example, when tossing a coin, there are two possible outcomes: heads or tails. If the price offered in an event is equal to the probability, the price can be considered reasonable (in the example above, it corresponds to any event). When trying to predict the outcome of football matches, one can only approximate the probability by looking at the historical evidence along with other influencing factors. For long-term events, unknown factors (such as weather) can affect the likelihood of a particular event taking place. "Fair" prices are well-educated guesses about the expected probability of an event, as accurate calculations are impossible. Bookers form an opinion about the probability of an event and value it accordingly. There is a potential for profit if they make mistakes, as we naturally assume that players notice the mistake.

Fixed fees

Fixed odds betting stems from the fixed prizes offered by newspapers in the late 19th century to predict match results. Bookmakers still offer "fixed odds". The term applies more to betting offices that publish a long list of football matches and their odds for the coming weekend several days in advance. This is an expensive process and cannot be repeated if mistakes are made or the bookmaker has to change a price. Once the list is printed, the bets will be fixed. An internet bookmaker has more flexibility and can change a price to manage its expected liability. Even for high-profile matches with high turnover, the available odds for the standard home / draw / away market do not change more than 10%.

Rating systems and betting

For football betting, determining such odds involves analyzes of past events. Some players use a numerical approach to historical analysis, known as ranking แทงบอลออนไลน์.

The traditional approach to beating the bookmaker has been through predictions and prediction techniques in an attempt to reveal errors from the bookmaker. The bettor approaches an event in exactly the same way as the bookmaker, i.e. he estimates the probability of a particular result and gives it a numerical value. This causes both the bookmaker and the player to calculate their own price for a particular result. If the price of the bookmaker is higher than the player's price, this constitutes a value bet.

Popular betting events

English football is undoubtedly the most significant bet. Since its inception in 1992, betting on the Football Premiership has increased every season. National cup competitions, mainly F.A. Cup, also attracts a large number of online games. As a result of TV coverage, the best European players in the Champions League have become names. The Champions`s League is also a source of many online football bets, even when no British team is involved. The same can be said for Euro 2008. Despite the fact that not all home countries qualified, the interest in online gambling has been very lively. The 2010 World Cup has also seen some action in online betting, even at this early stage.

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