Now we could go back and do flooring 1 .

Posted by Dingbest on December 21st, 2020

The XP that you're granted for finishing floor 4 the first time will be calculated using floor number 4 (obviously ), and a prestige figure of RS gold 4 as well. But if you repeat floor 4, then the second time you get it done, the game will use a prestige figure of zero, and you are going to get much less XP.

When you have completed each the flooring you can perform on your initial run, the game will inform you that you can not do any new floors, and will prompt you to"reset your advancement". This could probably be better called saving your progress, but what it does is to move your current progress to a"save slot" called previous progress and mark each of the flooring you did at the previous run of flooring as not completed. Essentially, then, it saves how deep you got into the dungeon, and then makes it so you can redo earlier floors without being penalized.

That is where people normally get lost, so let's return to our case. In the scenario described above, we've finished flooring 1, 2, 4 and 3, but can not conduct floor 5. We don't want to repeat floors or the XP will utilize a prestige figure of 0. Instead, we"reset", which moves our current progress (prestige) amount of 4 into our prior progress (prestige) number. We'll now have a present progress of 0 (because we just"reset" and are starting a new streak ) and a preceding advancement of 4 (from if we reset).

Now we could go back and do flooring 1 . When we complete it, the game will observe that we've got a present advancement of 1 (from completing floor 1 in this series ) but a preceding advancement of 4. This ensures that we are rewarded for having done 4 floors in a row without copying any.

The Way Prestige Changes XP Allowed for Flooring. The prestige system means that if you reset advancement and go back to earlier flooring, you get more XP than you did the very first time you finished them, but less than you may when you replicate the deeper floors. As an instance, if my prior progress (prestige) is 9 when I reset, then once I return to do floor 1 the XP is going to OSRS Gold For Sale be contingent upon averaging 9 and 1. When I do floor 2, it is going to be averaging 9 and 2, and so on. I'll find the maximum base XP once I work my way down to ground 9, where I will be averaging 9 and 9. In general this works out to approximately 25% less XP than in case the game let you replicate your deepest level with no prestige punishment.

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