How to Have an Outstanding and Future-Proof Website

Posted by Nick MMW on December 21st, 2020

The one thing every existing online venture or a newly-turned digital business strives for is a website that is future-proof and captivating. In these terms, User Experience plays a major role, which is best reflected by your users only (by tallying and analyzing user behavior and preferences on your websites).

Some ways Web Design Australia that can help you envision your website in the future decades:


If you scan through some great websites like those of Google, Apple or Microsoft you'll see how minimalist their designs are, which makes them truly evergreen and highly responsive. A trendy design can appeal with its flashiness for a little time but classic designs last forever. The simplistic structure makes them easy to navigate and accomplish your tasks. UPDATION OF CONTENT

Make sure that your website and blog content is scanned and updated regularly. Given that the internet is being flooded with content constantly, you have to of course be consistent and regular. However, regular updation of that content is equally necessary so that you don't have obsolete trends and technology in your content. Some political or social structures of the world would definitely have shifted, which need to be incorporated well.


Establish a platform on a Content Management System that is tried and tested like WordPress, making it easier to manage content. With constant upgradations and changes in the industry, a tried and tested CMS makes it easier for your website to adapt to new software updates. Ask yourself if the system you're choosing allows non-technical users to edit and update new/existing pages, create new campaigns and micro-sites and have your users' information secured. Having information encrypted is basics, add an SSL certificate for added credibility.


Search Engine Optimization is a must no matter what business you own. There is no point is having amazing content and layouts when nobody can find them. Make sure you have optimized your website to have your web page on the initial search results and thus easily accessible.


To stay future-proofed, you should have the tools to be able to update quickly and swiftly. If your codebase is complex, you're going to struggle responding quickly to the changing demands of the market and your userbase. If you have an Affordable Web Designer Melbourne design base that only your experts are well-versed with then you're going to struggle when in their absence, simple updates would compel you to start from the basics.


Speed is a deal maker or breaker when it comes to websites. If your website takes time to load pages presently then it is only going to get tougher with loaded updates in the future. Having a site that loads fast adds to user retention and a more optimized data that in return helps users accomplish their tasks faster. Speedy webpages are a must to utilize efficient layouts yielding to faster navigation.


With over 50-60% of online traffic coming from handy devices like mobiles and tablets, it is essential to have a website optimized as per cross-platform functionality. Cross-platform compatibility doesn't only involve versatile layouts with a mobile responsive design in terms of varied screen sizes. It essentially takes, optimized web content with a layout that's condensed, wrapping up in minimum pages possible. This way a visitor can quickly navigate and accomplish her/his goal.


Lastly but most importantly, give a user experience that is specially tailored individually. Go through consumer behaviour, study which are the most visited sections of your website and which are being given a backseat and optimize accordingly. Analyse their search choices, websites they prefer and understand path-to-purchase, media consumption and more. With digital tracking watch if users have already visited website. If yes, then what factors led to them making a purchase or simply leaving or moving to a competitor's website. Understanding user behaviour and tracing individual intellectual interests, yields in boosted profile visits and uphill sales.

Myself Naman Ahuja and I believe that website is an essential element for small businesses as they are considered as employees who work 24/7 for you with minimal costs. Every business need to have their online presence, you should choose the best website designer in Melbourne

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