Things To Avoid When Polishing Your Marble Stone Floor

Posted by Nick MMW on December 21st, 2020

Marble is a stone that is widely used especially in the construction sector and is utilized in building surfaces for many things but the most common use remains in flooring. Flooring requires to be polished to maintain its grace and look. Marble has always remained high in demand due to its beauty and resilient characteristics. Marbles are utilized to make many things like floors, tabletops, counter tops, shower spaces, furniture, fire places and kitchen tops and remain a highly-in-demand stone since a long time due to their utility and great durability. Marbles can instantly add a spark of class and luxury any space and which is why many of its varieties cost extremely high. However, most marble stones along with coming in great variety also are very affordable and last a long time with a few polishing treatments to keep it intact.

Even though marbles are used to fulfil various purposes, the most popular remains marble flooring only. They add a very minimalistic and grand touch to the area without even doing much. The entire look of the house can change when you refurbish the flooring with a marble stone. You can look into various options for different purposes since marbles come in all colors including blue, black, white, brown, red, beige, green, etc. There are simply so many options that you can find to match with the ambience of your room and interiors and with marble and its exquisite finish, you can never go wrong! Marble stone has a dense, hard surface with a crystallized finish making it best suited for flooring purposes as its natural characteristics don't allow stains, wreckage and wearing.

Different types of Marble:

Marble is basically the metamorphic structure of limestone that has been recrystallized by heat and pressure to become the dense crystalline form it takes which with a uniform, polished surface. The uses of marble as a stone are unlimited due to its high strength and reliability. It is usually used in furnishing various objects but the main use is the refurbishing of countertops, kitchen tops, fireplaces and floors due to its versatility and resilience. Marble is the choice of most designers as it comes in a vast variety. Marble is available almost everywhere and comes in more than three thousand types of variety and in about every shade available on the color spectrum ranging from subtle to the very brightest colors giving homeowners the freedom to experiment and choose as per their unique taste.

Finishes of Marble Stone:

Marble can be finished in a variety of ways as per the aesthetic being aimed for -

Polished Finish: Polish-finished marble makes the marble surface glossy and shiny that makes its color and texture pop. The finish brings out the aesthetic finish of the marble making it look lustrous and aesthetic. This finish makes the marble least susceptible to water seeping in as it acts as a lamination. It is best for interior floor surfaces.

Honed Finish: A honed finish is strikingly different to the polish finish as it makes the surface a little dull matte which has a huge fan following of its own. The result is a velvety and smooth surface that is not at all shiny. Honing was initially done to repair any kind of wreckage to the marble however now it has become really trendy to get it done for interiors.

Textured Finish: This unique marble finish uses a variety of different techniques to make the surface of the marble a uniquely styled one. Common textures include flamed, rigato, bush hammered, natural cleft, sand-blasted, split-face and leathered are some of the popular textured finishes.

Now let's move on to the common mistakes people make in polishing their marble floor.

1. Over or less frequent polishing

Various homeowners often skip getting their marble floor polished or delay it. However, its mandatory to get your marble floor polished time to time as that ensures its longevity for a longer time. It makes it spill-proof and also makes its look more defined and aesthetic. However, be vary of not getting it polished too much and only let a professional do the job.

2. Don't use domestic cleaning solutions

You shouldn't use abrasive stuff to clean a marble floor as it will not only take away its look but also will also cause damage to the marble in the long run that will be visible distinctively. Use cleaning solutions that are specifically made for cleaning marble floors to ensure their long-life.

3. Proper sealing after installation

Marble floors shouldn't be left open to use right after installation. Sealing is essential to protect the exquisite finish and help it maintain it for a longer time to come. Sealing makes the marble less prone to wear and tear.

4. Opt for dry cleaning of your marble

Marble by itself is a very porous stone and its spongy structure tends to retain water. This is why it's crucial to make sure that you don't use a damp cloth or mop that has been dipped into wet, oily or greasy stuff because they will easily be absorbed by the surface of the marble. Ideally use a dry mop or sponge to avoid this.

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