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Posted by Johny Dean on May 21st, 2014

People always want to know more about a certain dog breed before acquiring a puppy or adopting an adult from the shelter. It is definitely a good thing, because in such a manner, they learn about the characteristics of the dog and if he is suitable for the lifestyle they have. The Affenpinscher is more of a toy breed, definitely suitable for people who want a low maintenance dog, a playful one. However, Affenpinschers require some extra attention, because they are small and they can easily get hurt. Besides, there are a few aspects that you can keep in mind before getting a puppy.

Take for example the personality of the Affenpinscher. The dog is well known to be highly curious and spunky. Whenever he hears a new sound or is in a new territory, he likes to discover the area. He will make a good watchdog, since he is very attentive to the guests you have and he remains suspicious at all times. More than that, Affenpinschers are affectionate; being very loyal to his family he will do anything possible to protect them. This is also a sign of being attentive, as you have to keep an eye on the dog when you take him for a walk and so, because once he sees someone as a threat, even a larger dog, he will not calm down easily.

Early socialisation is highly recommended and this does not only apply to Affenpinschers, but also to all dog breeds. You should take the time to present the dog to the entire family, to show him the sights, even different sounds and so, right from when they are just pups. If you want a friendly dog, outgoing and well behaved, you should take into consideration this aspect. To manage this, you can consider taking the Affenpinscher to parks, to stores and locations that allow dogs, when you go visit someone and even around neighbours, so he learns to control his skills and temper.

If you truly want to invest in your Affenpinscher, you can consider taking the dog to dog breeders, as they will know exactly how to treat the breed, how to train your dog, so that the two of you bond together in the best manner. In general, Affenpinschers are healthy dogs, but just like it happens to every dog breed, there are certain conditions to which you can pay more attention. Hip dysplasia and patellar luxation are two common health conditions that are met at smaller dogs. Whenever you see something wrong with your dog, differences in his behaviour, you should not hesitate to contact the veterinarian.

All in all, this specific dog breed is ideal for someone living in an apartment, not very keen on intense exercising with his dog. As a matter of fact, just some short walks in the park or playing in a backyard are enough for your little dog. Training might be a challenge to someone, especially since the breed tends to be more stubborn, but with patience and consistency, you will certainly succeed.

If you are considering taking your Affenpinscher into competitions, you might want to invest some time in training him. Here you can find certified and experienced Affenpinschers breeders.

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