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Posted by Cartridge line on December 21st, 2020

The names "authentic," "unique," "OEM," "compliant," "standard," "factory refurbished," "replenished," etc., have been used by most COMPATIBLE TONER CARTRIDGES owners & toner refill customers to define the toners available on the web.

Types of cartridges

Three key styles of ink cartridges are available-genuine OEM, compatible/generic, as well as rebuilt/refilled. Each kind of ink cartridge has advantages and weaknesses. The summary is a summary of legitimate OEM, compliant, and reconditioned laser toner before we delve into the basic advantages and disadvantages of each ink cartridges form:

Genuine OEM


The original product maker of the printers which they're being used manufactures tonersOEM provides for Maker of Original Equipment. Original Hp toners, for instance, are produced by HP; however, Canon produces genuine Cartridge toners. Legitimate products are specifically manufactured but are original and newly built for the setup printer for that they are designed and for the paper type used for that setup printer.

Compliant cartridges

Compliant toner cartridges are toners supplied by a second manufacturer. COMPATIBLE TONER CARTRIDGES are classified as standard toners, too. Compatible toners do not have any association with both the supplier of the original printer. In essence, compatible toner producers aim to reproduce the initial toner layout without violating the original developer's patented product. The method is similar to the development of generic prescription medications by pharmaceutical firms intended to mirror their initial major brand medication. Most compatible toners are quite similar to the initial toner design, like standardized prescription medications, but many are still far from the initial.


This genuine BROTHER TN1050 PRINTER CARTRIDGE in Black is required to function in complete harmony with the Brother Laser Printer, providing you with both the best standard, crisp performance. By buying this substitute TN-1050 refill today, make sure the black and grey papers keep standing out.

Key features

In compliance with ISO/IEC197522, Printers 1,000 sheets, Genuine Brother top quality cartridge helps prevent duplication from saving document, money, and time

This black BROTHER, TN1050 PRINTER CARTRIDGE, is specially developed to function smoothly with the Brother printer, giving you the best quality performance, again and again. 

While it could save you profit in the long term by using cheaper – anti cartridges, they are not as compatible with your computer. Using these almost always, products can potentially cause printing issues and even damage the printer, so why bear the gamble?

You will ensure that your printer continues to work at its best by selecting a genuine laser printer and that any guarantee you carry remains accurate, giving you greater peace of mind all around. 

How to recycle?

· We are dedicated to doing everything we can to minimize our environmental impact and empower our clients to add to this by having it as easy as possible to reuse any genuine Brother cartridges utilized. 

· Only let us see how often empty laser toner you need, and we're going to plan for you all to give them back to us fully provided free. 

· Thanks to our long relationship with the award-winning Cool Planet charity, our conservation work helps to bring native villages in place.


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