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Posted by Cassandra27 on May 22nd, 2014

No matter you are a newcomer for SWTOR or you have left this game for a couple of months or even years, it’s time that you take your time to return to SWTOR again. Hopefully, the endgame content is a bit better now and will keep you playing. Meanwhile, now you can play this excellent game with cheap swtor credits at swtor2credits.

Endgame in swtor keeps you moving forward in swtor.

Swtor has come a long way from where it was at launch and been polished into really solid title. The endgame is somehow a thing in swtor which keeps players moving forward in game. Most of the 15 major game updates were focused on adding more Endgame. There are now more than 7 large-group operations, 11 group PvP maps, 8 small-group Flashpoints only available at endgame. Among all Flashpoints, 5 have a difficult "Hard Mode," and 9 multi-part storylines.

Meanwhile, there is new content being released every nine weeks with bug fixes every three weeks. For instance, only in last year and this year, there are two major expansions released: already released Galactic Starfighter and upcoming Galactic Strongholds.

Pleasure in characters after characters in swtor.

Each time when the character you played gets its level 55, you can either to play still with your character or you can restart a new character to experience the story behind this character again. Swtor is the game known of its amazing stories. Thousands of players joked that they had a dream that one day, BioWare and Blizzard would merge into one super corporation. By then, BioWare will create compelling stories with top notch voice acting, and Blizzard will contribute all of the polish and superb cinematics you come to expect from their games.

Cheap swtor credits available on swtor2credits.

Regardless of your status, newcomer for swtor or a returned gamer, you can now enjoy yourself in game with cheap swtor credits supported by swtor2credits. Credits there is in full stock and people can buy them much cheaper with the discount code “happy”, to save extra 6% off their money instantly. See you at swtor2credits.

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