Essential Insights into Blockchain Proof Of Concept (PoC) Development

Posted by MuBlockchain on December 21st, 2020

Proof of Concepts is one of the common themes that we have learned from clients. Basically, blockchain development solutions and POCs are still emerging and if you are an enterprise with skill sets that know “software development,” you will shine. These POCs are not your data storage array or networking gear POCs where you ship a package, unpack them, install some software, and show the customer how fantastic your Nutanix or EMC equipment is.


Clearly, Proof of Concept is required to show the importance of the blockchain proposal in communicating with customers. You need the expertise, experience, and the ability to implement your vision for your client to be successful.

Let’s first explain what a proof of concept actually is and how a blockchain system has to work with it. These will be “Software Driven” Proof of Concepts around blockchains. “Basically, around hardware, cars, or electronics, you’re not creating a “prototype. You will simply take a “Conceptual Vision” and take software code (Chaincode aka Smart Contracts) and invoke unique features across applications (Front End apps, Client apps).

Blockchain PoC development, methodology, transfer of applications, etc.

First of all, we normally need to better understand the application and the end results needed by the client, essentially what the final solution needs to achieve. Determine, if available, using instances, past references, past results. Are we dealing with blockchains like Hyperledger, Ethereum, or others? There are also a fair number of other complexities to be concerned with.

Specifications in the code

Customers have in-house experience or need to go to a “bill shop”

Dedicated CAPEX or OPEX to the POC

What about overseeing development by a project manager?

Consensus Mechanism

A consensus here does not refer to the blockchain’s consensus algorithms, but the organization’s algorithms. Why? Since this is simply where not everybody in the organization can look at it at the same level, even in a “DevOps” oriented organization.

Concise Vision

Basically, the stakeholders need to have a concise vision no matter where in the company. It takes a significant amount of time for smart contracts, dApps, chaincode, front-end apps, etc. to design, create, and test. Going down the Ethereum route in a thorough way is not just like Hyperledger. So if you alter blockchains in the middle of the project, you can almost throw out your job.

There are several skill sets you must remember while trying to find blockchain knowledge. Notice also that this is a POC-powered “software” and very reliant on the “stacks ‘”…

Take these as a starting point in the position of blockchain creation

  • Additional Expertise Consideration
  • Enterprise Capabilities • (Networking, Security)
  • Agile, DevOps, Angular, Production Skills for Spring
  • Compliance, expertise in legal and administrative matters
  • APIs, Node.Js, Solidity, C , Go, Java, Python, etc

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