Tease and denial stories: Padlocks to counter the advances of your partner for a

Posted by kimporter on May 22nd, 2014

The idea of security chastity of women in the early centuries in a men-dominated world was materialized into what is known through centuries as the chastity belt. Though the epoch of origin of getting maidens locked in chastity is still debatable, it was basically a means safeguarding women from getting seduced by men into liaisons or forced sex. This concept of preventing social ill has filtered into the new age of 21st century as a device that triggers fierce lovemaking among passionate. All of us are aware, or have an elemental conception of the tease and denial stories in sexual acts and where they eventually end. In this era of fast living where sex is as easily available as a mug of beer or a can of soda, so much so that what’s supposed to highly passionate becomes mundane and dull over time.  

Tease and denial stories in sexual acts are renowned among partners for their affectivity. Strip teasing, lap dancing and other activities emerged from the concept of teasing the males and denying it to them until the point of breaking. The point is to build up the hunger to the point at which unleashing it warranties a tumultuous lovemaking. The market is presently flooded with locked in chastity devices making use of which dominatrixes enter into a game of physical flirting. The key to the release lies in the hands of the woman who seduces the man for a while until engaging them in a sexual act. There’s usually an act of negotiation in this approach where the tease and denial goes for as long as an entire week.

Users admit that trying out such practises actually resulted in fulfillment of their wildest sexual fantacies, aside leading to the path of self-discovery. The male parterns put in a chastity lockage  are often straightjacketed and tied with bondage equipments while the woman dressed in latex performs erotic acts in front. However, without they key, they’re pretty much helpless in the situation. More like a game of domination and repression, the lcoking can be done for any indefinite period of time. Tease and denial stories often end with a certain release agreement in which a partner demands something from the other. The game gets better when certain rules and instructions are added to the session in order to complete the chastity experience.

Such a session is not just meant to fuel one’s sexual appetite, but to embrace abstinence for a while agreeably. Testing the level of patience would be an attratcively dressed and sexually active partner around who will be at liberty to lure you in all possible ways, making you vulnerable, but never let it go fully. This era has all the veritable artefacts necessary for playful tease and denial stories. Customized contraptions are made available in the market, and advertised in cheek with jowl manner with other sex toys. So, let your partner’s advances fall to deaf ears as you give them an opportunity to espouse celibacy for a short-lived tenure.

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