Benefits of laser hair removal: What are you waiting for?

Posted by Moose Consultant on December 21st, 2020

Whether is fine or not, whether you are a man or a woman, hair in certain areas of the body can be a nuisance for many people. Especially with the arrival of summer, who else who shaves less. Hair removal techniques exist many, but laser hair removal is one of the most recognized in the world of aesthetic medicine for its many benefits and incredible results. If you want it, it is to end the hair problem permanently, what are you waiting for?

Laser depilationFirst thing: choosing the laser hair removal center
One of the first questions we ask ourselves when having laser hair removal is in which beauty salon to perform it.

Given the success of this hair removal technique, there are more and more centers that offer it, however, not all types of diode laser are the same, nor do all the professionals who perform it have the necessary professionalism.

For this reason, our advice will always be to turn to the best, sometimes we think that we save some money and we really end up paying it in new sessions that we did not have or in terrible results.

At the Mar García aesthetic medicine center, we have the most advanced technology in terms of hair removal, we apply the Pro Ice 808 diode laser for women and men.

Diode laser hair removal
The Pro Ice 808 diode laser is the most advanced technology in hair removal.

How does Pro Ice 808 diode laser hair removal work?
This type of hair removal laser is a high precision laser. Its beam of light penetrates the skin completely safely and destroys several hair follicles in one application.

The Pro Ice 808 diode laser is highly effective (it requires fewer application sessions compared to other equipment, on all types of pigmented hair and on any part of the body.

The light it emits is absorbed by the melanin contained in the hair shaft, heating it up in a matter of thousandths of a second. Thanks to this generated heat, the structure of the hair deteriorates, preventing it from regenerating again.

Male Laser Hair Removal
It is a high precision laser, which uses a beam of light that safely penetrates the skin and destroys multiple follicles simultaneously.

Benefits of laser hair removal
AHS laser Hair Removal is permanent hair removal (it removes hair by 90-95%), so thanks to it you can forget forever about waxing in any way (wax, blade, cream ...). You can end all your hair problems.

But, in addition to this wonderful advantage, laser hair removal helps to improve the texture and elasticity of the skin, activates collagen, provides softness, clears spots, removes follicles or "ingrown hairs" ...

Do you need more reasons to decide on laser hair removal?

It is comfortable
It is safe and fast
Eliminates folliculitis (ingrown hair) and hirsutism (excess hair)
Provides freedom and hygiene
It is used for all types of hair and people
It's painless (remove this, it's a lie)
Softens the skin
Whitens dark areas and spots

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